LG Electronics Unveils its First 3D LCD HDTVs, LED HDTVs for Commercial Applications

  • LG Electronics
  • 11.16.10
LG Electronics, a leading provider of flat-panel HDTV technologies to the lodging and hospitality industry, is introducing its first full HD 3-D LCD and commercial LED HDTVs this week at the 2010 International Hotel/Motel and Restaurant Show (booth No. 2105).

With worldwide shipments of 3-D TVs expected to rise to 78.1 million units by 2011 and expanding availability of 3-D content from movies to gaming to digital advertising, 3-D is a technology with sticking power, and not just a passing trend. The 3-D LCD (model LD950C) is LG’s first 3-D LCD HDTV for hospitality properties and offers a truly cinematic experience away from the theaters and in the luxury setting of the hotel.

Unlike consumer 3-D models that use expensive active shutter 3-D glasses, this LG commercial passive 3-D TV is based on polarized eyewear, similar to those used in 3-D movie theaters. LG’s LD950C is available in a 47-inch class size* with a glossy black finish and provides an attractive, modern HDTV solution that brings a luxury 3-D experience that can be enjoyed in hotel lobbies, restaurants and sports lounges, theaters and other shared spaces in commercial hospitality sites.

“With its growing popularity, LG is the first to offer hoteliers the opportunity to give their guests the ultimate 3D viewing experience during their hotel stay,” said Ron Snaidauf, vice president of Commercial Products, LG Electronics USA Business Solutions. “By combining polarized 3D technology with LG’s signature stylish designs, we are offering hotels additional experiences for the best in hospitality entertainment.”

For hoteliers looking for a crisp picture without using more energy, the new commercial LED (model LE530C) has technologies to reduce power consumption. This LED model features cloning capabilities for public display settings and is available in 42, 47 and 55-inch class sizes*.

With the LG LD950C, hoteliers can take advantage of the benefits that guest-centric 3-D provides, including offering new and exciting experiences to guests. As a result, hoteliers are bringing the 3-D experience out of the luxury guestrooms and making it available in common spaces throughout their hotels, like bars and lounges as well as family-friendly theaters and lobbies. Displaying content in 1080p full HD with a dynamic contrast ratio of 50,000:1, guests will enjoy HD content and a viewing angle of 178 degrees to provide an exceptional viewing experience from any seat in the room.

Hotel guests will enjoy that LG’s LD950C uses polarized glasses, popularized by many 3-D movie theaters which utilize the Real-D circular polarization 3-D technology. LG’s polarized glasses are lightweight, more comfortable and continue LG’s legacy of providing amazing stereoscopic 3-D HDTV effects. Hoteliers will save on the cost of polarized 3-D glasses compared to more expensive active glasses that also require cumbersome charging. The LG LD950C is available starting on Dec. 6 and includes four pairs of polarized 3-D glasses.

LG is also introducing its first commercial LED HDTV (model LE530C) this week. The LE530C combines LG’s stylish design with the capability to entertain in all new ways while delivering stunning picture quality. LG’s LE530C is available in glossy black finish and a slim 1.2-inch profile, allowing guests to enjoy the display without it crowding the room.

LED backlighting takes full HD to new heights with a 3,000,000:1 contrast ratio yet meets ENERGY STAR 4.1 guidelines for energy savings. Advanced public display settings on the LE530C include cloning capabilities for easy programming for integrators and LG’s invisible speaker system that combines a stylish display with a wider sound field.

All of LG’s new HDTVs on display this week feature EcoSmart™ technology with multiple manual and automatic options for energy conservation. This technology is beneficial for commercial environments that are also energy-conscientious. EcoSmart includes multiple power saving settings and one or more of LG’s energy saving features:

  • Intelligent Sensor: Offers integrators a way to program the LCDs to automatically respond to the ambient light in the room and then reduce brightness and energy output under most circumstances.
  • Dynamic Power Savings: Provide an option to have the television automatically adjust the brightness level settings based on the incoming video, helping facilities save on energy costs while still providing superior picture quality to guests.
  • Static Power Savings: Allows the installer to set the preferred power consumption level.

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