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EasyRMS Helps Revenue Managers of the Future at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland

  • Infor, Revenue Management
  • 11.29.10
A new educational initiative has begun at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland, involving global provider of ASP/Internet revenue and yield management systems, Easy Revenue Management Solutions Ltd (EasyRMS).

A pioneer in the field of SaaS revenue management for the hotel industry, EasyRMS™ provides an international customer base of 600+ properties with the EzRMS Internet Product Suite. In this new venture, EasyRMS is giving educational sessions and online demonstrations of EzRMS to César Ritz students on a quarterly basis.
The main benefit of this partnership is that the university students are offered a more practical approach to revenue management, helped by a leading player in the field.

The interactive sessions will allow students to see just how EzRMS works, meaning they will be able to relate more to a revenue manager’s tasks and challenges, and understand how advanced technology such as this can help them make the best decisions in order to optimize the hotel’s total revenues. By looking at some of the reports available in EzRMS, they will be in a better position to understand how the solution can help revenue managers of any sized hotel or hotel group.

Raissa Goubin, sales consultant for Northern Europe at EasyRMS, has been working closely with Mr. Brad Andrews, revenue and yield management lecturer at the César Ritz Hotel School, to organize and give these interactive sessions. The first took place in August, a second in November. Both have been well received by the 40-50 students attending.

Andrews said students like the fact that they are able to talk directly to EasyRMS consultants at any time, and also interact in a Q&A session once the demo is over. “We see EasyRMS’ involvement as a major step in giving our students a real-life view of a RMS,” he said. “I’m hoping that we may even be able to advance this to where we use a demo version of EzRMS in a classroom environment.”

Goubin said the questions asked in the Q&A sessions showed that students were taking a clear interest and were keen to know more about the automated RMS. She was able to explain to curious students things like what types of hotels can use the system, how accurate it is, and how useful is it for revenue managers in terms of doing their jobs efficiently, and successfully.

“What is good about these sessions is that students are really able to see the impact their actions could have on the business,” said Goubin. “They are able to get to know revenue management better, and be comfortable with it. This is part of the university’s strategy for training revenue managers of the future, and EasyRMS is very pleased to be a part of their educational background.”

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