John Ascuaga’s Nugget Casino Resort Increases Revenue with Cendyn’s Online Reservation Concierge

  • Cendyn
  • 12.16.10
Hotel rate shopping is increasing in today’s economy, and in response, John Ascuaga’s Nugget Casino Resort is adding revenue-generating features to online reservations so customers are less likely to look elsewhere for competitive rates.

The Nugget recently implemented eConcierge, an online marketing solution from Cendyn to strengthen its reservation process and increase revenue.  When guests reserve a room, the Nugget’s eConcierge module e-mails them a confirmation with a link to the property’s site, developed by Cendyn, that lets them review their reservations and learn more about the property.  This branded site shows guests their personal itineraries, provides directions and weather forecasts, and also enables them to purchase Nugget amenities such as spa appointments, dinner reservations, show tickets, room upgrades and special promotion packages like chocolates and champagne for an anniversary or birthday.

“Giving guests the ability to upsell themselves is valuable for them and golden for the property,” said Beth Cooney, the Nugget’s executive director of marketing. “The eConcierge system enables us to capture more of the guest’s trip while they are with us so they spend more time on property. We already generated more than $50,000 the first half of this year through eConcierge.” 
Cooney added that when a guest books additional amenities with their room reservation, they are less likely to rate shop. 
According to Cooney, eConcierge and its pre-stay marketing approach is the perfect fit for the 1,600-room property in Sparks, Nev.
“Our out-of-town guests come mostly from Northern California, Sacramento and the Bay Area, and we always look for ways to set the property apart and focus our attention on customers," she said. "eConcierge does this by letting guests create a customized vacation as soon as they make their reservation.”
Cendyn provides eConcierge page templates for the Nugget’s Website.  The template pages have Nugget’s branding and make it easy for Cooney’s staff to update the property’s packages and amenities.  The new site gives reserved guests current information about upcoming events, scheduled entertainers, holiday shows and other activities they can book. eConcierge interfaces with Nugget’s property management system (PMS) for a seamless link between reservation information and the eConcierge engine that creates e-mail confirmations and amenity booking. 

Cooney values Cendyn’s eConcierge because it provides a professional, digital presentation to customers with a friendly welcoming tone that matches the John Ascuaga’s Nugget brand.  

The Nugget also uses Cendyn’s eInsightTM solution. eInsight is a turnkey solution for database marketing that gives management the ability to send the right message at the right time to the right customers.  The solution is ideal for loyalty programs and marketing management.
“eInsight enables the Nugget to create a customized frequent-stay loyalty program without the complex installation of new CRM software,” said Cooney. “We worked with Cendyn to establish our program’s business rules, bonus thresholds, and rewards like a free stay, and eInsight tracks and automates the program to keep guests coming back.  eInsight pulls guest data from PMS hourly and tracks the details of every new reservation to ensure guests receive rewards at the appropriate time.”

“With Cendyn’s help we drive guest loyalty and increase revenue with the eConcierge pre-stay solution.  Post-stay, we boost our repeat business with eInsight,” said Cooney.  “When we communicate with guests consistently and professionally, they have more options and the John Ascuaga’s Nugget Casino Resort can serve more visitors.”

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