NYLO Hotels Selects SoftBrands’ Epitome Property Management System

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  • 01.25.07
A new brand of customized service will be a hallmark of the NYLO experience, thanks to an agreement the company announced with SoftBrands, Inc., global supplier of enterprise application software.

“We selected SoftBrands’ epitome.NET as our property management system because it will enable us to give our guests a uniquely personalized experience,” said Patrick O’Neil, senior vice president of operations for NYLO Hotels. 

“NYLO will be one of the first brands to have a centralized system that allows all our properties to speak to each other,” O’Neil said.  “That translates into a travel experience that can make each guest feel welcome as soon as they walk through the doors of a NYLO Hotel.”

Going beyond traditional property management systems, NYLO’s version of the epitome.NET solution will store guest preferences and special requests then transfer that knowledge immediately to properties throughout the brand. 

“If you ever want anything that we did not anticipate or have special needs or requests, you’ll only have to make that request one time at one NYLO,” O’Neil explained.  “After that, you’ll receive the same level of personal attention–down to exquisite detail–at each of our hotels across the country.

“Many companies are trying to know their customers better,” he added.  “As a new brand, NYLO can develop an exclusive system to personalize travel right from the start.  When it comes to getting to know our customers, we can get there faster.”

“By partnering with SoftBrands, we have chosen a vendor that can provide best-of-the-breed technologies,” O’Neil said.  “Their epitome.NET software will provide the backbone for all NYLO operations.”

In addition to assuring consistent stays, the system will simplify checkin.  With its unique information storage and retrieval capabilities, epitome.NET will enable staff to recognize guests easily at checkin.  For guests who prefer personalized checkin, the easy-to-use software will allow more time for guest interaction and less time for technology-focused front-desk procedures. 

“Staff can master this intuitive system quickly,” O’Neil said.  “By sharing guest information and transferring knowledge of guest requests and preferences between properties, we’re giving our employees the tools they need to be successful and exceed guests’ expectations all the time.”

Guests will find epitome.NET user-friendly too.  Through the SoftBrands Kiosk Partner, they will have the option of speedy self checkin and checkout.  Also at lobby kiosks: Guests will be able to view their folios and print out boarding passes.  SoftBrands’ eipitome.NET will facilitate travel planning, as well, by sending NYLO guests e-mail confirmations, folios and announcements of specials.

“SoftBrands is extremely excited about the opportunity to partner with NYLO Hotels as they launch their new class of hotels,” said Joseph Flynn, vice president of sales, SoftBrands, Americas.  “We believe epitome.NET will be the perfect technology to provide them the foundation they need for their strong commitment to personalized customer service and detailed attention to a unique guest experience.”

“The system’s savings are also substantial,” O’Neil said.  “SoftBrands’ epitome.NET will streamline operations, managing rates and reducing costs.  NYLO will pass these savings along to guests to provide a boutique hotel experience that’s highly affordable too.”

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