InfoValue and Amino Team to Provide Advanced IPTV Services

  • InfoValue Computing Inc
  • 01.26.07
InfoValue Computing Inc., experts in providing innovative, high-performance video-streaming platforms and solutions, announced that Amino, a leading IPTV platform supplier, has joined forces with InfoValue to deliver full streaming video to enterprise users, telco subscribers and hotel guests by using the AmiNET124 set-top box (STB) supporting the H.264 (MPEG-4, Part 10) video compression format.

"We are a long-time partner of InfoValue, and the integration of their MPEG-4 quality streaming video servers with our products will help customers to maintain a competitive edge," said Roy Kirsopp, vice president and general manager at Amino. "InfoValue's video-streaming platform is flexible enough to accommodate this compression format as well as other commonly used file formats."

As part of the partnership, InfoValue and Amino have worked closely to customize InfoValue SuiteTV and BizTV, the company's flagship video-streaming solutions, to ensure they utilize the full feature set of the AmiNET124 and provide for a future-proof STB, supporting the latest compression formats and required features for streaming video applications. InfoValue also designed new optimized GUIs for the STB. The combined InfoValue/Amino solution has already been deployed in hotels, hospitals and enterprises.

"The partnership with Amino is an excellent opportunity to showcase both companies' foresight when it comes to the latest video compression formats," said Aubrey Flanagan, vice president of business development at InfoValue Computing. "Now, enterprises and hospitality providers will be able to deliver high-quality video over lower-bandwidth networks, gaining a leg up on the competition and introducing additional revenue opportunities."

InfoValue's SuiteTV is based on the QuickVideo server, a software-based platform for comprehensive video-streaming functionality over IP networks. Based on a modular, open architecture, it can enable video on demand and multicasting; networked personal video recording (for instant replay); recording, archiving, and publishing; and content distribution. It is incrementally and independently scalable.

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