NCR Solution Improves Asset Management Through Use of RFID and Other AIDC Technologies

  • NCR Corporation
  • 01.29.07
NCR Corporation announced a software solution to help organizations improve the bottom line through better tracking and management of their assets using radio frequency identification (RFID) or other automatic identification and data collection (AIDC) technologies.

NCR Asset Visibility offers retail, logistics/distribution and manufacturing organizations a single program that enables them to track the location and utilization of all assets.  It can be used as a standalone application or it can be integrated with other solutions including enterprise resource planning software and systems that track corporate fixed assets, as well as maintenance and tool crib, warehouse management or manufacturing and quality control systems.

The latest offering in NCR's suite of packaged AIDC solutions, NCR Asset Visibility is built with the proven NCR TransitionWorks development platform.

"NCR Asset Visibility simplifies the infrastructure needed to enter, capture and cleanse data at the point of business activity.  And it updates all relevant systems in real time," said Ken Hamlin, general manager of NCR's AIDC Solutions Group.  "Further, it gives organizations the flexibility to use the combination of technologies that best meets their requirements at a competitive cost, whether active or passive RFID, biometrics, bar codes, wireless LAN or cellular."

NCR Asset Visibility is the foundation for an extensive list of potential applications in many business environments.  Examples include:

  • Retailers can use NCR Asset Visibility to track and manage store assets such as end-cap displays, racks or bins, fixed or mobile point-of-sale hardware and shopping carts.  Tracking shopping carts as they move through a store can help retailers better understand consumer behavior and potentially increase revenue per customer.
  • In logistics or distribution organizations, managers are under pressure to optimize every facet of their operations.  By enabling the real-time visibility of assets such as trailers, reusable containers and equipment, NCR Asset Visibility helps these organizations improve utilization and reduce operational expenses.
  • In manufacturing environments, the NCR solution can be used to assure that tools are in the right location, at the right time and in the right condition.  Where reusable totes or containers are used in automated production operations, NCR Asset Visibility can aid in the automatic identification and capturing of production rates.

"Tracking corporate assets is a daunting challenge, but critical to improving an organization's financial performance," Hamlin said.  "Add the regulatory pressures of complying with Sarbanes-Oxley through effective internal controls, and an AIDC solution such as NCR Asset Visibility becomes virtually indispensable."

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