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Motorola Launches WiNG 5 - the Less Complicated, Less Expensive Method for More Capacity and Agility of a Hotel's Wireless Network

  • Motorola
  • 01.20.11
Motorola, Inc. announced the launch of its WiNG 5 Wireless Architecture, a less complicated, less expensive way to get better direct routing and resilience from a wireless network so that it meets the demands of any number of mobile devices—in every corner of a hotel.

Improving the performance and agility of your wireless network now prepares you to meet the data-intensive demands of the newest wave of mobile devices—often carried by your most valued guests. WiNG 5’s strong, reliable network also improves the mobile communications among your staff, smoothing check-in and check-out and the fulfillment of maintenance, food service, and other guest requests.

WiNG 5 also simplifies IT jobs, requiring less hardware and fewer controllers to build a fully functioning network. Plus, its network-aware access points (APs) collaborate to determine the optimal routing paths to take to avoid bottlenecks, jittery videos or poor voice quality, regardless of how many devices are on the network. Benefits include:

  • More face time with guests
  • Personalized, secure, no-hassle transactions
  • Consistent connectivity available throughout the hotel
  • Swift response to guest needs
  • Lower operational costs and improved efficiency across the board

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