Ariane Systems Completes Integration with KABA RFID Locking Solutions

  • dormakaba
  • 01.20.11
Ariane Systems, a world leader in self-service checkin/out technology for the hospitality industry, announced the completion of a hardware and software integration with KABA, a leading global supplier of electronic hotel locking solutions.

The newly developed integration allows Ariane Systems’ electronic self-service checkin/out kiosks operating on the Allegro software platform to encode, dispense and read RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) keycards that can be used with KABA’s Saflok brand RFID-based locking solutions. Saflok RFID locks utilize secure and reliable read-write technology, which is compatible with widely available MiFare® ISO 14443 credentials. In addition, they are NFC (near-field communication) compatible, and meet the most stringent standards in the industry, including ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 certification.

The integration between Ariane Systems’ Allegro online/mobile/kiosk software platform and KABA’s Saflok RFID technology was originally commissioned by Nordic Choice Hotels, specifically for its new Comfort Hotel Xpress brand, which will incorporate the latest self-service technologies into its overall guest operations. The first property to implement the integrated solution, the Comfort Xpress Hotel in Oslo, Norway, opened January 10, 2011 with a fully automated checkin/out system that allows guests to register at a bank of Ariane kiosks in the lobby and go directly to their assigned rooms. Upon guest verification, the kiosk encodes and dispenses an RFID keycard that activates the appropriate Saflok door lock when presented to the card reader. When checking out, guests simply insert their RFID keycard into the card reader on the lobby kiosk to view their folio details and complete the check-out process. Nordic Choice Hotels will expand the use of this technology to several other hotels in the future.

“RFID technology is an ideal enhancement to self-service kiosks, since both technologies are specifically designed to maximize convenience for the guest and operational efficiency for the hotel,” said Kerry Hirschy, senior vice president of sales and marketing for KABA Lodging. “A key element of guest service today is ensuring that guests are able to get into their rooms quickly and easily. KABA’s RFID technology is easy to use and compliments Ariane’s self-checkin solutions. Guests simply present their cards to the lock reader to unlock the door.”

Another important benefit of RFID technology is its superior reliability. Unlike, mag-stripe keycards, which can become scratched or demagnetized, RFID keycards are not susceptible to demagnetization, making them extremely dependable and secure.

“As the hotel industry continues to enhance the guest reception process, kiosks and RFID will play a valuable supporting role in maximizing guest satisfaction and convenience,” said Christelle Pigeat, vice president of sales for Ariane Systems. “The reliability of the system means that guests never have to go back to the lobby to replace their key card. Both technologies are aligned with the new model of efficiency in the hotel industry, and we are proud to be partnering with one of the leaders in locking technology.”

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