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Libra OnDemand Makes It Even Easier For Hotels To Achieve Success In 2011

  • Libra OnDemand, A Division of Newmarket® International
  • 01.27.11
Libra OnDemand, a leading company providing hospitality-specific applications natively built using cloud technologies, responds to the needs of hotel organizations of all sizes with the expansion of its Libra OnDemand Hospitality Management System.

Building on its core customer relationship management (CRM) functionality, Libra OnDemand now includes a comprehensive suite of affordable, easy to use applications: CRM & Email Marketing; Concierge Desk; Sales, Groups & Events; Loyalty & Rewards; Libra Customer Portal and Libra HMS Portal.

The newly designed Concierge Desk module provides guest relations management for customer-facing personnel to manage all guest activities, track service requests, follow incident reports and note customer comments, all from a single guest itinerary. Users easily schedule in-house activities as well as access up-to-date, local venue information via automatic mesh up with other Internet technologies.

Enhanced functionality has also been developed in the Sales, Groups & Events module as well as the Loyalty & Rewards module. Users can now generate group sales proposals, contracts and BEOs with the push of a button via Google Docs, allowing them to be easily shared with a client online or downloaded in Word and PDF formats. And, rewards can now be automatically generated based on the number of stays, nights, dollars spent or frequency of visits, all while the system tracks each reward certificate's entire lifecycle, from the moment it was issued to when and how it was redeemed.

Additionally, the CRM & Email Marketing module continues to realize success due to expanded integration options, allowing connection to even more technology systems such as PMS, POS and CRS.
"We have enthusiastically listened to the requests and suggestions from our customers who use the system on a daily basis,” said Libra OnDemand CEO Gregg Hopkins, "and our developers have responded with customized, expansive tools so our clients can do business more efficiently.”

Libra Portals also presents a new affordable, easy to use employee collaboration tool: Libra HMS Portal. Similar to the user intuitive, consumer-facing Websites of the Libra Customer Portal, users of the Libra HMS Portal have custom designed, specific use case access to module screens via iPad, phone or other mobile device.

And, now Libra OnDemand offers a new module pricing structure, making it even easier for hospitality organizations to meet their exact technology needs while also staying within an affordable budget. Customers now have flexibility to choose what modules they need or don’t need, electing to use as few or as many as required for their specific company.

“It’s like packing your suitcase for success,” said Hopkins. “If you’re traveling light, just get one module. If you’re going on a full technology expedition, get the entire suite. No matter how full your bag may be, we provide the solution that is the perfect fit.”

Libra OnDemand has experienced explosive development with installations currently in over 200 properties and 17 countries around the globe, and this momentum is expected to continue with exponential growth in the coming year.

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