With iBAHN, Hoteliers can Improve Internet Performance Without Breaking the Bank

  • iBAHN
  • 01.31.07
iBAHN NextConnectSM, an Ethernet system featuring ground-breaking technology from Tut Systems, leverages old wiring to provide quality high-speed Internet access that can support today’s and tomorrow’s bandwidth-intensive applications for guests at a minimal expense to hotels.

iBAHN is the first broadband provider to utilize this new technology and is the only provider that can integrate the equipment on a network that is truly secure with proven reliability.

As the demand for Internet capabilities in hotels grows, more and more hoteliers find themselves looking for cost-effective broadband solutions.  Unfortunately, many hotels with only telephone grade wiring (Cat3 cabling) and limited budgets for upgrading their technology infrastructure end up settling for HSIA (high-speed Internet access) solutions that aren’t secure, reliable or even really high-speed.  These “band-aid” efforts place these hotels at a distinct disadvantage in a marketplace where guests are increasingly using their computers as in-room entertainment to watch video or download audio files to their iPodsTM

Because of these applications, bandwidth across the iBAHN network has increased fourfold in one year.  Yet guests still expect blazing Internet speeds, evidenced from iBAHN’s end-user survey where speed rated as the number one attribute that contributes to overall satisfaction with a hotel’s HSIA.

A dilemma for a majority of hotels is they lack the appropriate wiring to provide an Ethernet connection, and therefore must use a lower speed technology.   iBAHN NextConnect solves the wiring challenge by using innovative TUT T2 hardware that fits unobtrusively over existing phone jacks, immediately upgrading the jack to a managed Ethernet switch when used in conjunction with iBAHN service.  Power is then supplied to the Ethernet switch via the original telephone wires, eliminating the need for an external power supply.

With iBAHN NextConnect, hotels not only save money while providing a necessary service, but also significantly decrease guest complaints and maintenance costs.  Initial tests of NextConnect at two premiere resort properties with 2,500 rooms showed up to a 73 percent reduction in guest support calls, meaning fewer guests had issues using and connecting to the Internet.

“iBAHN NextConnect allows hoteliers to provide their customers with high-speed connections that deliver the speeds they expect.  Best of all, the hotel can do this without tearing up the walls,” said Wendy S. Kelley, iBAHN’s vice president of marketing.   “We encourage hoteliers struggling under the operational limitations of legacy HSIA technologies to ask iBAHN about NextConnect.”

iBAHN NextConnect  also supports quad-play -- the convergence of video, voice data and wireless applications over the Internet.  Additionally, its multiport feature supports the addition of up to four Ethernet ports in each guestroom, allowing for simultaneous use of high-bandwidth applications that typically place a strain on the network.

“We are pleased to partner with iBAHN to deliver the NextConnect solution,” said Gary Decolati, director of sales for Tut Systems.  “iBAHN has worked closely with Tut to optimize the installation and ongoing service using our innovative hardware.”

Hotels placing high value on aesthetics will also be pleased with how discreetly the wall panels cover telephone jacks, practically disappearing into room decor.
NextConnect is part of iBAHN’s Network Advantage family of broadband solutions. Available only from iBAHN, Network Advantage provides hotels with integrated end-to-end management, enterprise-grade security, best-in-class equipment, and a host of customized connectivity solutions.

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