Tiare Technology Launches Wireless WineList™ System at Flagstaff House Restaurant

  • Tiare Technology, Inc.
  • 02.09.11
Tiare Technology announced that it has deployed its patented Wireless WineList™ solution at Flagstaff House Restaurant in Boulder, Colo., one of the nation’s leading wine-oriented restaurants.

The Wireless WineList application allows restaurant guests to easily view and order wines using a wireless Apple iPad® tablet or other wireless device and Tiare’s proprietary software.  Guests can use the tablets to peruse the wine list to discover the breadth of wines offered.  They can also quickly sort the wines to display by region, varietal, price range or other categories, or click to search the database and pinpoint a specific selection.

The system displays extensive information about the restaurant’s wines, including tasting notes, vintage information and background on the winery, the region or the grape varietals.  Photos, wine labels, maps, videos and other information are also easily displayed.

“With over 2,500 selections and 12,000 bottles in our cellar, Flagstaff House has one of the most comprehensive wine lists in the country,” says General Manager and Partner Scott Monette.  “We selected Tiare’s Wireless WineList system because it allows our guests to effortlessly navigate the wine list, making it an entertaining and convenient experience.”

Tiare’s Wireless WineList system is designed to meet the needs of both the wine expert and the wine novice.  It offers powerful tools to allow oenophiles to easily sort, analyze and locate a particular selection, view a vertical collection or explore regional specialties.  Casual users can learn about the restaurant’s extensive offerings at their leisure, without the fear of intimidation.

The system is intended to complement, rather than replace, the personal attention of the sommelier or server.  Guests can place several selections onto the system’s Consideration List™ for discussion with the restaurant’s staff.  The system can also be configured to page the staff with the guest’s selection, or even place the order directly to the restaurant’s point of sale system.

“Tiare’s design and content management tools have made it easy for us to showcase our wine selections and convey the unique style and personality of our restaurant,” said Monette.  “The Wireless WineList is a powerful and flexible system that has really added value to our operations – while promoting eco- friendly practices and saving us a lot of paper.  Our guests tell us that that they enjoy using the system and we expect that enthusiasm to translate into an increase in our wine sales.”

Flagstaff House offers over 2,500 wines, which are easily displayed to the guest on the wireless touch screens.  Not just for featuring wine, the Tiare Technology system also provides access to the restaurant’s extensive selection of single-malt Scotch and small-batch Bourbon; ports, cognacs and sherries; beer, cocktails and spirits.

“The Wireless WineList system gives a restaurant the tools to easily manage their wine offerings,” says Julie Werbitt, CEO of Tiare Technology.  “Pricing, vintage and availability information can all be updated immediately in real time.  A guest is never disappointed by ordering a wine that’s really out of stock – which can happen all too often with a paper menu.”

The system also allows the restaurant to enhance its relationship with the guests, by providing the option to e-mail themselves their wine selections as a memento of their experience at the restaurant.  The wine preferences of the guest can also be stored for future offerings and communication between the guest and the restaurant.

Werbitt said, “Tiare’s Wireless WineList system can be tailored for any size restaurant and customized to complement any décor – making it the ideal solution for all restaurants looking to increase revenue through beverage sales.”

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