SmartTouch by Incentient, LLC Reinvents the Hospitality Experience

  • Incentient, LLC
  • 02.15.11
Luxury meets technology with the SmartTouchSM system, created by Incentient, LLC and redefining the getaway experience.

The SmartTouch easy-to-use glass touch-screen panel allows guests to control their hospitality experience from within the privacy of their guestrooms. Imagined by Incentient, LLC co-founders Patrick Martucci and Jennifer Martucci as a result of dissatisfaction and frustration from past personal hospitality experience, SmartTouch empowers guests with the technology to have more information, privacy, and control; simultaneously, management has access to more data, achieves better communication with customers, and delivers an improved guest experience. Currently, the SmartTouch system can be found at Auberge Resorts, Wigwam Resort (Litchfield Park, Ariz.) and Hotel Nikko (San Francisco, Calif.).

The SmartTouch system creates an efficient means of communication between hotels/resorts and guests through a fully customizable software that is paired with easy-to-understand touch-screen panels. All pertinent services–including room service, concierge, valet, spa services, housekeeping and bellman – are available to for each guest to browse, consider and order. For guests, what results is an improved hospitality experience where they enjoy privacy, control and convenience.

The software is configured to each individual property and amenity offerings; accordingly its design is an extension of the client’s brand, featuring complementary colors, imagery of the property and logos. Fitting to the time of day, the SmartTouch system constantly displays the time and adjusts the display imagery accordingly—for instance, if a guest is browsing the room service menu for breakfast, the panel is sure to tempt them with images of early morning treats, such as coffee and pastries. In addition, SmartTouch adjusts to fit the language preferences of any guest.

With total control over their hospitality experience, guests have a range of personalized service options that were once not possible—from ordering in-room breakfast the night before with guaranteed accuracy and an exact time for desired delivery, to the freedom of scheduling restaurant or nightlife reservations without the dreaded risk of being put on hold by the concierge, the SmartTouch system ensures an ultimate luxury experience.

Proven to increase revenue for all of Incentient, LLC clients, SmartTouch increases communication with guests, which helps to create opportunities to advertise and up-sell the property’s unique services and offerings, increasing RevPAR. Optimizing employee efficiency, SmartTouch enhancing the guest experience while assisting to better facilitate the luxury and special services already offered by the property without jeopardizing that personal touch.
Functioning independently of pre-existing property management software, SmartTouch can integrate with all hospitality software and installation is seamless without any required construction or wiring; no capital investment is required, as Incentient owns, installs and services all touch-screen units. An efficient and robust CMS interface also allows clients to eliminate printing and production costs for menus and special sheets. Once installed by Incentient, LLC, the property’s management team is able to personally alter the offerings of the restaurant via an easy-to-navigate private login site, as needed.

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