Capton’s RFID Solution a Success at Gulfport Island View Casino

  • Capton
  • 02.05.07
The newly christened Island View Casino in Gulfport, Miss., has arisen like a phoenix from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

One of the first hotel casino properties to rebuild, Island View reopened in September, 2006.

An additional expansion featuring a fabulous new Emeril Lagasse restaurant and 83,000 square feet of casino thrills is scheduled for completion in May, 2007, making Island View the largest land-based casino in the area. But Island View Casino was reborn with much more than just brand new facilities. Leadership also took the time to consider brand new ways to service customers and manage the business.

Island View’s beverage manager, Bill Petersen, has been in the industry for many years. He has used and tested various gun and mechanical portion control systems for liquor inventory and usage. “When I saw the Capton Beverage Tracker solution and how it worked, I truly got excited,” said Petersen. “Even though guns can be efficient, they are an enormous cost and the benefit as opposed to bartender free pouring is questionable. Guests like the free pour experience, and good or bad, there is a guest perception about being served from a gun that is not ideal.”

Commenting on Capton’s user-friendly software Petersen said, “In other systems, I never used most of the reports because the information was really not that worthwhile to me. With Capton, I can manipulate reports easily to find what I am looking for. I can track every liquor brand, versus a gun system which can monitor only a limited number of brands. Plus, I can track usage by brand, by station or by pour spout.”

Scott Martiny, CEO of Capton said, “We often perform analyses for customers and prospects on their actual pouring patterns. Island View has come very close to perfection in absolute consistency of guest service. And the fact that they achieve this without dedicated analysts and fancy reports being reviewed every day is a testament to the simplicity of our solution. They have proven that all it takes to achieve guest experience improvement and significant ROI is a good bar/beverage manager and a spot check tool which shows them with absolute accuracy what is going on in terms of drink preparation at the bar.”

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