Pan Pacific Seattle’s Personalized Service Style Made Easy with Help of GoConcierge

  • GoConcierge
  • 02.06.07
At the new Pan Pacific Seattle, where every employee is considered a personal steward, GoConcierge is making it easy for staff to deliver a five-star level of service.

Web-based GoConcierge, one of the lodging industry’s leading guest service operations systems, is produced by Los Angeles-based

“Our clientele is mostly business travelers,” said Joan Flake, chef concierge at the 160-room hotel, and a member of Les Clefs d’Or. “They expect immediate service. GoConcierge enables us to deliver that.”

Flake and her team understood the importance of embracing technology to add efficiencies to their operation and expressed that opinion to hotel management. Because of their commitment to provide highly personalized service, management agreed that an innovative solution was needed and chose to move forward with an industry leader, GoConcierge. 

“We are very excited that the Pan Pacific Seattle chose to move forward with GoConcierge,” said Adam Isrow, executive vice president of “After just two months, the hotel is already experiencing its benefits—improved operational efficiencies and a higher level of guest service.”

With GoConcierge up and running, staff at the Pan Pacific Seattle now use GoConcierge’s online guest task calendar to track guest requests such as restaurant reservations. With just a few clicks, requests can be entered and located. The calendar is color coded, which makes it easy to highlight open, pending and closed tasks.

“Guests are impressed when we are able to make a reservation so quickly,” Flake said. “With the color coding, you can identify what needs to be done immediately. You can see that a task has been done. Because GoConcierge is Web-based, I can log in from home. I like to see a lot of green on the screen because that means tasks have been completed.”

Using GoConcierge, concierges can quickly print out or e-mail a personalized confirmation letter that includes the hotel’s logo, the guest’s itinerary, as well as point-to-point driving directions. Front desk associates also have been trained to use GoConcierge to generate maps and directions. “Guests love how the printouts look,” Flake said. “The directions include mileage and approximate travel time.”

The concierge team at the hotel uses GoConcierge’s customized location database to quickly generate restaurant and other area attraction information. “It saves us from having to thumb through restaurant guides and phone books,” Flake said.

Hot buttons on the GoConcierge screen link to frequently used Web sites such as limousine service. In addition to reservations and other tasks, concierges at the Pan Pacific Seattle use GoConcierge to track packages and lost and found items. The flow of amenities to VIP guests also is tracked. “Amenity descriptions are built in to GoConcierge,” Flake said. “That makes my life easier. We are able to monitor the amenities going to each department.”

The Pan Pacific Seattle is part of the city’s 2200 development that includes retail, restaurants, full-service spa and condominium tower. In addition to being used in the hotel for guest requests, GoConcierge is used at a station in the condo tower. Because GoConcierge enables users to build guest profiles of guests, Flake said her team tries to enter condo resident information such as amenity preferences or even names of pets. “If you can remember the name of a Chihuahua, guests are impressed,” she said.

In addition to front desk associates and concierge staff, Service One agents (PBX operators) also have access to GoConcierge. They use the system when guests have requests for taxi service. With so many personal stewards having access to the Web-based system, it ensures a consistent level of guest service and also cuts down on the volume of phone calls from department to department. That gives staff more time to spend on guests.

Flake said her colleagues quickly learned how to use GoConcierge. “It is very easy to learn,” she said. “They immediately picked it up during the on-site training provided by Vickie Goto, GoConcierge training manager. Without a moment’s hesitation, I would recommend it.”

“The Pan Pacific Seattle’s success with GoConcierge is a testament to the product itself, the willingness of the hotel’s staff to maximize its capabilities, and the hotel’s overall commitment to providing its guests with a highly personalized experience,” Isrow said.

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