Thing5 Announces Smart Phone App - travelButton

  • Cloud5 Communications
  • 03.04.11
Thing5, a leader in next-generation telecommunication services for the hospitality industry, announced its newest solution – travelButton.

travelButton is a mobile phone application that allows travelers to easily consolidate guestroom phone services and messaging with their personal smartphone, as well as to have digital access to all hotel room phone services and amenities.

The travelButton application will be available in the iPhone App Store, Android Market and BlackBerry App Store. Travelers simply download the free application as they would any other online phone application.

Upon checking in to a hotel, travelButton users open the app on their phone and select their hotel from a pre-populated list. Once their hotel is selected, users enter their name and room number. The traveler’s personal phone is now enabled with the hotel guestroom functionality in addition to their existing phone capabilities. Hotel guests are disconnected from the room upon checking out of the hotel or can manually disconnect anytime.

“Guests can roam our property and never be out of touch,” said the general manager of a trial property. “Our guests are highly mobile, but rely on our staff for many business and personal needs. If a guest is on the golf course with one client, but needs to be made aware of the arrival of another guest or the status of a conference room, we have instant, real time access to him or her. Our staff loves travelButton - no more leaving messages in an empty room’s voicemail box, no more trying to keep track of multiple phone numbers for guests.”

travelButton users can receive calls made directly to their guestroom on their mobile devices as well as make and receive calls as they normally would. Standard hotel icons for wake-up calls, room service, front desk and other hotel amenities appear as icons on guests’ phones, allowing the guest to easily access these services. Calls from guests’ mobile phones enabled with travelButton appear to the hotel staff to come from the guests’ rooms. A hotels’ standard identification information, such as room number and guest name, appear so that hotel staff can greet guests by name.

travelButton also includes additional convenience services not usually provided on guestrooms phones such the ‘Nearby’ feature. travelButton has a Nearby icon that allows guests to get location-based points of interest, as well as frequently searched places such as coffee shops, pharmacies and shopping sites. Weather, maps and directions are all also available with one click in travelButton.

“We are constantly focused on providing next-generation, value-added services to hotels and their guests. travelButton eliminates redundant equipment and provides hotels with an offering that enhances their relationships with their guests. Guests can enjoy the benefits of utilizing their own personal phone device rather than dealing with multiple voicemail boxes and phones,” said David Thor, managing director of Thing5 L.L.C.

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