Wyndham Worldwide Flips the Switch for Earth Hour With Five Ways the Hospitality Industry Can Reduce Energy Use

  • Wyndham Worldwide
  • 03.22.11
Wyndham Worldwide (NYSE: WYN), one of the world's largest hospitality companies and an industry leader in sustainability practices, is proudly supporting the Earth Hour global initiative, promoting five ways the hospitality industry can reduce energy consumption.

Organized by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Earth Hour has grown into a global movement with millions of supporters in over 128 countries since its start in Australia in 2007. During Earth Hour, individuals, businesses, and governments around the world turn out their lights to demonstrate their commitment to environmentally sustainable action. Earth Hour 2011 will take place Saturday, March 26 at 8:30 p.m. local times.

"As an industry leader committed to sustainable practices, Wyndham Worldwide continues to integrate energy conservation into our daily operations around the world," said Stephen P. Holmes, chairman and CEO of Wyndham Worldwide. "While turning off all our lights can be a challenge for a busy hotel or resort with hundreds of guests, we believe the hospitality industry can and should be a leader in developing innovative solutions to reduce our impact on the environment."

Wyndham Worldwide has invested in exploring and adopting innovative sustainable practices through its Wyndham Green program, which focuses on sustainability across the global company. Wyndham Green suggests the following five easy ways the hospitality industry can continue to make big reductions in energy use:

  • Incorporate energy-efficient bulbs and lighting fixtures with automatic sensors. Energy efficient bulbs have greatly improved in performance and appearance, and can be a small expense that provides big savings.
  • Institute an ongoing maintenance plan for all appliances and equipment. Properties can often save up to 20 percent in energy use just by making sure equipment is running properly and efficiently.
  • Start an ENERGY STAR equipment replacement plan, so outdated equipment and appliances are replaced with the most energy-efficient models.
  • Turn it off. Have standard procedures that turn off lights and equipment in areas not in use, such as restaurants after hours.
  • Seal it up. Make sure weather stripping and insulation is properly installed to ensure heating and cooling systems operate efficiently, and guests are most comfortable.

"Through Wyndham Green, we aim to develop best practices that make sense for both the environment and the bottom line," said Faith Taylor, vice president of sustainability for Wyndham Worldwide. "For example, energy-efficient lighting is now a best practice at Wyndham Worldwide. Our brands and business units are increasingly selecting more energy-efficient options, and as a result we have seen a continued reduction in our energy costs."

Wyndham Worldwide also continues to balance energy conservation without sacrificing the guest experience, such as integrating into its property designs the use of compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) and light emitting diodes (LED) bulbs, which require a fraction of the energy needed for traditional lighting.

"CFL and LED lights have continued to develop in quality, versatility and color rendition, making them an increasingly attractive option to reduce energy use while enhancing the aesthetic environment for our guests," said George Scammell, vice president of design, Wyndham Worldwide.

Wyndham Worldwide is recognizing Earth Hour across its diverse family of companies and properties around the globe. Wyndham Hotel Group has plans to turn off or dim non-essential lighting across many of its approximately 7,210 hotels located in 65 countries, with some also planning creative offerings for guests such as candlelight dinners. With over 160 resort properties, Wyndham Vacation Ownership aims to turn off all non-essential lighting and invite their guests to participate in various activities planned at resort locations.

Wyndham Exchange and Rentals and the Wyndham Worldwide corporate headquarters in Parsippany, N.J., are also educating associates leading up to Earth Hour, encouraging each to spread the message and participate with their friends and families on March 26. Wyndham's headquarters is silver LEED interior certified by the U.S. Green Building Council for its sustainability features and practices, and purchases 100 percent of its electrical energy from wind power.

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