Trust International Raises Standard for CRS Stability, Reliability with New Data Center, Data Recovery Solution

  • Trust International
  • 03.22.11
By March 31, Trust International will have completed two major reliability initiatives with IBM and their resellers that further improve the effectiveness of one of the most stable, reliable and fast hotel centralized reservations systems (CRS) in the industry.

The initiatives will enhance the day-to-day running of customer-facing systems, increase uptime and shorten response times on recovering from disasters.
Today’s business environment requires that everything be easy to use and always available.  This means having 24/7 responsive systems that immediately recover from disasters.  Trust posted a 99.98% uptime in 2010 while delivering sub-second response times for hotel data worldwide. But Trust is not settling for that.
After 14 months of planning, in August 2010, Trust moved its main systems into a new data center that was designed by IBM with the key design goals of safety, resilience and availability. The data center features full redundancy for electrical power, air conditioning and fire suppression. Trust used the opportunity to redesign the physical and technical architecture to further improve resilience.  For all Trust customers, the new data center provides faster and easier global connectivity into Trust’s Software as a Service (SaaS) architecture delivered through the cloud using the latest techniques and technologies.  It also provides capacity to accommodate the continuous growth Trust has experienced over the past years, as well as anticipated future growth.
Concurrently, Trust has been working with IBM on its second initiative: upgrading its disaster recovery (DR) solution to be more flexible and to improve the recovery time objective.  The upgraded DR solution will be live starting March 31, 2011.
“Trust prides itself on its rightly deserved reputation for innovative technology coupled with systems strength and reliability,” said Richard Wiegmann, managing director of Trust International. “These two major initiatives will help us again raise the bar in a world where speed, responsiveness and availability are essential.”
“We have built a reputation of putting our money where our mouth is,” Trust VP of IT and product, Sandy Riach noted.  “When we announce a product, it is rolling out the door and not some pie-in-the-sky developmental concept that is still months or years from deployment.  The same holds true for our uptime and reliability. We have invested millions in redundant data center operations that ensure the industry’s highest uptimes and responsiveness year after year, and our call centers around the world ensure that call center service is available 24/7 no matter what may be happening in any particular area of the world.”
Some of the immediate benefits noted have been the improvement in speed within the systems environment – where even things like backups are noticeably faster. New equipment, configured cleanly has meant that adding new functions and features to the systems is less noticeable to the outside world.
Throughout Trust’s 21-year history, the company has invested extensively in developing and launching highly effective, innovative products and services that anticipate industry needs or proactively address requests raised by customers during our customer advisory board meetings.
Mr. Wiegmann concluded, “We never forget that no matter how good our products and services are, our customers only benefit when our systems are available, so uptime has been, and always will be, a top priority.”

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