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Pan Pacific Kuala Lumpur International Airport Selects Tiare Technology as Wireless Ordering Provider

  • Tiare Technology, Inc.
  • 03.30.11
Tiare Technology announced today that it has been selected by one of the world’s leading international hotels, Pan Pacific Kuala Lumpur International Airport, to install their patented VIPSeat™ Restaurant solution.

The VIPSeat Restaurant solution allows restaurant diners to easily view and place orders directly from their table to order food, wine and cocktails.  The VIPSeat Restaurant solution uses an Apple iPad tablet or other wireless device with Tiare’s proprietary software.  The system displays extensive information about the restaurant’s menu items including descriptions of the cuisine, photos, and other details about the venue. 
Pan Pacific Kuala Lumpur International Airport is on the forefront of introducing guest technology and is the first hotel in Asia to launch the Tiare Technology system.  Hans G. Winsnes, general manager of Pan Pacific Kuala Lumpur International Airport strives to provide his guests with unparalleled service and the latest in hospitality technology.  “Tiare’s VIPSeat Restaurant solution will allow our guests to experience a unique type of personalized service.”  Winsnes adds, “This platform will enable us to enhance our operational efficiencies in order to better deliver the high-quality amenities and service excellence that our guests expect.” 
“Pan Pacific is a brand that places a high value on anticipating and exceeding guest expectations.  We are excited and honored to be selected by Pan Pacific Kuala Lumpur International Airport - a leader in embracing emerging technology to help achieve this goal,” says Julie Werbitt, CEO of Tiare Technology.  
The VIPSeat Restaurant system can be customized to fit the needs of any restaurant. “The capability to reflect our esthetic and branding, as well as the system’s flexibility to meet our operational requirements were the benefits over other solutions,” says Winsnes.  The system can be configured so orders are transmitted directly to the hotel POS system or used in stand-alone mode with guests viewing items and staff assisting with selections.  The optional handheld wireless staff unit provides access to guest information such as order history and preferences so staff may interact with guests and provide a highly personalized service experience. The device also provides for service efficiencies by informing staff when orders are ready for pick up and when a guest needs service. Staff can also use their device to place orders directly to the POS system.
The VIPSeat Restaurant solution provides the ability to update information in real time, allowing for more efficient management of menus and helping ensure a guest is never disappointed by viewing a choice that’s out of stock.  This flexibility allows food and beverage managers to take advantage of surplus inventory, remove items that are not moving, and hide selections that may be temporarily unavailable.
The system is also an eco-friendly solution that helps reduce waste. “Eliminating the printing and distribution costs of a traditional menu while promoting an environmentally conscious platform to our customers is part of Tiare’s commitment to a green business model,” says Werbitt.  “When you think about how many tons of menus and advertising materials are discarded every year worldwide, the VIPSeat Restaurant system is a logical answer for reducing a restaurant’s overall paper consumption.”

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