MSI Software Saves Hotel $13,000 in 3rd Party Booking Fees in First Year

  • Multi-Systems, Inc. (MSI)
  • 04.07.11
MSI (Multi-Systems, Inc.) has released its newest online web booking engine (WBE) software, adding this money-saving and revenue-generating sister program to MSI's WinPM and NovaPLUS property management systems.

Chris Brainard, property controller at the Canyon Plaza Resort in Grand Canyon, AZ said, “The WBE drives guests to select our 'Best Rate' rooms online, while simultaneously saving us a great deal of time and money. We've saved almost $13,000 in 12 months. That's a 5-year savings of $65,000!” The savings are a result of business booked via the MSI WBE rather than 3rd party sites, avoiding commission expenses that would have been paid for 3rd party bookings.

Aided by experienced hotel personnel, MSI's product developers' goal in creating the WBE was to optimize the hotelier's revenue through increased bookings by steering more web-savvy guests to the hotel website and MSI's WBE.

MSI tailors its reputation as an exceptional, integrated property-management systems provider through its no-nonsense approach to leading-edge technology and dedication to customer care. “Part of the success of MSI has been in defining our customers' needs,” said Rick Munson, president and CEO of MSI. “This is one of MSI's guiding principles: 'We work as a team.' True to our word, we listen attentively and develop adjunct programs where appropriate; the Web-booking engine is without exception.”

The WBE real-time inventory control eliminates the need for third-party websites, which can charge steep commissions and booking fees, and there's no need to allocate rooms — MSI has made this task automatic. Properties implementing the system will discover simplified rate management with immediate updates between programs; guests' 24/7 access to book, cancel or change reservations online; and an automatic e-mail to guests upon confirmation, providing the hotelier with a secondary benefit of future marketing capabilities.

“MSI's attention to detail has made the WBE my best friend,” Brainard goes on to say. “Ever protective of the customer, MSI offers this low-cost, high return software program for a flat fee, regardless of activity level. New revenue streams are opening up as it works mindlessly behind the scenes. It's as if MSI senses our needs in the industry before we do. Is WBE right for you? I highly recommend it.”

Munson concludes, “With the roll-out of new WBE developments teeming on the horizon, MSI effectively demonstrates how we stand behind our products and services and beside our customers, building trust in them as they build trust with their guests. It's what the MSI family
likes to call a 'win-win or Win-PM success.'”

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