Hilton DFW Lakes Executive Conference Center Installs Saflok MT RFID Door Locks

  • dormakaba
  • 04.12.11
KABA the provider of Saflok and ILCO electronic locks, announced that Hilton DFW Lakes Executive Conference Center in Grapevine, Texas has installed the KABA Saflok MT RFID door lock system.

  Hilton installed the locks for all 393 guest rooms and for access to its 40,000 square feet of conference space.

“We upgraded to Saflok’s MT RFID locks for guest doors, meeting rooms, and other function spaces because RFID is extremely reliable and meets the security requirements many of our groups request,” said Kevin Buck, assistant general manager for Hilton DFW Lakes Executive Conference Center.  “Meeting attendees — particularly in high tech industry groups — bring laptops and other valuable technology into their conference space.  We selected Saflok RFID because its flexibility allows us to code-off specific rooms for tighter customized security.  In some cases, only the group leader and hotel security can unlock the groups meeting room doors.  We are also able to provide the group leader with a single key that unlocks all areas used by the group.  Saflok RFID has the flexibility to adapt our property to the security needs of each gathering.”

Buck said guest satisfaction and system reliability as another reason the property selected Saflok RFID.  “It is a matter of guest service,” he said.  “Saflok RFID keys are easy for guests to use and they always work.  Also, the locks are sealed so they require less maintenance.  Last year door lock problems were our number one guest complaint.  After installing Saflok’s MT RFID units, we have zero guest door issues.”

Buck added that Saflok’s installation team proved as reliable as the company’s product.  “The team installed all meeting room and guest doors in less than two weeks.  During the implementation, we could use our old key system and the RFID in parallel by floor and tower.”

Hilton DFW Lakes also benefits from other Saflok RFID features, including faster key coding at the desk and centralized door security monitoring.  “If a door is left ajar anywhere in the hotel for a period of time, it shows up on our security monitor and our staff investigates it,” said Buck.  “This helps us provide peace of mind for our guests.”

“We believe that RFID is the way of the future for hotels,” said Buck.  “The keys cost a bit more, but the benefits far outweigh the additional expense.  We expect to recover that cost because of system reliability, and we will be recognized as a technology leader by our guests.”

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