MTech's REX/Axxess Integration Fulfilling Guests' Requests for Service/No Service

  • MTech, A Division of Newmarket® International, Inc
  • 04.19.11
This month MTech and Axxess Industries announce joint technology integration that allows guests at the 62-room luxury Bardessono Hotel, an MTM Luxury Lodging property, to push a button in their rooms that alerts housekeeping attendants via iPod Touch when they want their rooms to be refreshed or if they prefer not to be disturbed.

 By linking MTech's Room Expeditor (REX) solution to the Axxess guestroom-management and signage system, guest service is heightened and housekeeping has better control over its room-turn processes based on the next most important "vacant" room to clean and next "requested" room to clean or not to clean.

"When a guest pushes one of the service buttons on the Axxess wall-switch in their room, the information is immediately communicated from the room to REX and from REX to the housekeeping attendant," said Chuck Marratt, MTM's vice president, information technology. "Likewise, if the guest wishes not to be disturbed, the attendant also is notified via iPod Touch so there is no interruption. This joint technology integration means that Bardessono can respond much quicker to its guests' requests for service -- or no service, as the case may be."

Turning Information into Communication

MTech's REX is one of the first solutions of its kind to streamline the entire room assignment and clearing process and get a hotel's guests into their rooms faster with Apple's™ iPod Touch™ or iPhone™ handhelds. Based on pre-defined business rules created by hotel management and/or housekeeping, REX intelligently uses status changes from the property-management system and other peripheral property systems to optimize the order in which rooms are assigned to room attendants. Since Apple™ has made the iPhone™/iPod Touch™ so intuitive, getting REX to perform his tricks is easy.

"With REX, the right room gets cleaned at the right time every time," said Luis Segredo, MTech president. "With REX + Axxess, the right room gets cleaned the moment the guest makes the request for service -- or it gets taken out of queue depending on that guest’s preferences. By integrating our Room Expeditor solution with the Axxess intelligent guestroom-management and signage system, we not only get rooms back into the hotel's inventory quicker so the wait-time for new arrival guests is reduced, but it helps housekeeping prioritize the services that in-house guests are requesting as well.  Less waiting means happier guests; and the same holds true for guests who ask not to be disturbed -- and aren't."

Axxess provides hotel management and housekeeping with real-time information on what is happening inside the guestroom by communicating guest preference information to a wall plate outside the room. When a guest pushes the make-up room switch, a green light will illuminate in the hallway on the signage plate to notified housekeeping of the request. If a guest wishes not to be disturbed, a red light will make that information visibly known to staff.  Axxess also reports the room status to hotel management via its PC and mobile software.

"Today with the REX interface, our products not only increase operational efficiency, save staff time, and reduce the overall housekeeping workload, but our mutual customers can manage all functions from one platform rather than two and deliver better guestroom management by combining the data and rules from both systems," said Joerg Wagner, Axxess Industries president. "This simple upgrade in systems communications goes a long way in customer satisfaction -- especially when guests who request privacy can be confident that their appeal will be honored, and that staff attend promptly when housekeeping is requested. Because Axxess also integrates with an occupancy sensor, room attendants can use a remote control device in the hallway to determine if a room is vacant or occupied. Therefore, guests' privacy is additionally enhanced because a housekeeper will not enter a room that is occupied unless he or she has been instructed by REX that the guest has asked for immediate service. By speeding guest-centered decision making through REX and Axxess, we are raising the bar for hospitality once again."

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