Annual Young Hoteliers Summit Results in New Association, YHS, Being Founded to Improve Professional Opportunities for Young Talents in Hospitality

  • YHS
  • 04.26.11
The value created during the annual Young Hoteliers Summit at the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne has shown strong potential for growth.

As a result the yearly summit is now been embedded in the newly founded association branded YHS. What began as an annual event, bringing together leading hospitality management schools from around the globe, the Young Hoteliers Summit has now grown to become part of a bigger cause, addressing the gap between educational institutions, the hospitality industry and it's young talents by:

Ranking leading hotel companies as potential future employers
Hosting and running the annual Young Hoteliers Summit
Nurturing a global community of young talents in hospitality
These are some principle features of the YHS brand, which follows the distinct YHS approach tackling pertinent employment related questions.

“Do companies manage to attract young talents that fit their needs?”
“How are different hotel management schools perceived within the hospitality industry?”
“Are young talents in the hospitality industry rewarded with positions that match their level of education and training?”
With the support of Qualtrics, a leading survey research suite, YHS will soon issue the first ranking of top hotel companies based on feedback received from over 1500 students worldwide and how they perceive different hotel companies as potential future employers.

With its different features, YHS acts towards improving professional opportunities for young talents in hospitality. It aspires to do so by fostering a dialogue on key employment challenges between hospitality companies, educational institutions and the aspiring Young in hospitality. This active dialogue seeks to result in actionable proposals, encouraging the alignment of the three above-mentioned stakeholders regarding their professional expectations, capacities and aspirations.

YHS is proud to have collaborated with renowned companies and educational institutions in the past and to have established a global network of YHS Ambassadors from leading hotel management schools.

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