Intelity ICE Becomes the Latest Technology to Help Hotels Reach Sustainability Goals

  • Intelity
  • 04.26.11
Technology often provides the opportunity to simplify lives while reducing the impact on the environment.

 Such is the case with Intelity ICE (Interactive Customer Experience™), this year’s “most innovative” hospitality technology. The use of ICE in hotels around the world is helping to make a significant difference in the hotel industry’s carbon footprint by virtually eliminating in-room printing costs and, more importantly, saving thousands of trees a year.
"The fact is that sustainability is much more than just a passing trend among environmentalists,” says Paula Jasinski, president, Chesapeake Environmental Communications. “Consumers are demanding it and it has become a necessary business component to achieving success and longevity. Products like ICE form a growing part of sustainability plans for hotels that not only makes good sense environmentally, but economically as well.”
Hundreds of hotels around the world, including The Edition Waikiki, The Hilton Inn at Penn, JW Marriott Marquis Indianapolis, Diamondhead Beach Resort and Mondrian Soho have implemented ICE technology and created a more sustainable business model by doing so. Those who visit The Plaza Hotel in New York get an added value to their ICE experience as they have the chance try out the hotel’s ICE room controls feature, which allows guests to adjust lighting and climate (heat and air-conditioning) in their guest rooms from a touch screen, translating into considerable energy savings.
“Being able to help the hotel industry operate in a more sustainable fashion is one of the many benefits that ICE technology offers,” said David Adelson, CEO, Intelity. “We are proud to play a part in helping the industry achieve these goals and we will continue to try to find other ways to amplify these efforts even further.”
As consumers have become more and more conscious about their environmental impact, the tourism industry has taken the lead in implementing tools that will help them to reduce their carbon footprint while providing travelers with choices they can feel good about. Not only does ICE technology put energy consumption in their hands, but it also makes good business sense for the hotels as saving in energy and printing costs drastically improves the bottom line.

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