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Dan Lane Named President and CEO of Merchant Link

  • Merchant Link
  • 05.16.11
Merchant Link, a leading provider of payment gateway and data security solutions, has named Dan Lane as its next president and chief executive officer (CEO).

Lane is one of the company's founders and formerly served as Merchant Link's chief technology officer (CTO).

The appointment of Lane as the company's president reinforces Merchant Link's commitment to delivering the world's most innovative payment security solutions for merchants. It also showcases a move towards product enhancement, research and development, and a continued focus on customer service.

"The world of payments is only getting more complicated with evolving payment types, regulations, compliance requirements and security threats," said Lane. "Merchant Link's solutions need to remain on the cutting edge of innovation to ensure our customers can focus on their core business and not worry about managing cardholder data."

With new credit card breaches occurring daily and businesses seeing increased pressure to secure their customers' data, Merchant Link is poised for growth in what is expected to be a rapidly expanding market. Lane's focus to recruit top talent and invest in technologies while maintaining industry-leading service and support has Merchant Link well positioned for unparalleled success.

As one of company's founding members, Lane has led the teams responsible for the development of the company's entire product and solution offering, including TransactionVault™, Merchant Link's tokenization solution and its new point-to-point encryption solution, TransactionShield™. He also played an integral part in growing the company's network of customers and partners so that it now secures 3 billion transactions for more than 150,000 hotels, restaurants and retailers annually. Major brands and retailers, such as T.G.I. Friday's, IHOP and InterContinental Hotels Group rely on Merchant Link to secure payment information.

"As security threats become increasingly sophisticated, merchants need to stay one step ahead of hackers who want to steal their customers' data," added Lane. "Since our founding, we have provided cutting-edge payment solutions, tokenization and security technologies to help merchants protect their customers. I will drive the development of these solutions and expand the breadth and depth of our services to support merchants well into the future."

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