Intelity and OpenWays Joining Forces to Offer the Most Comprehensive Mobile Guest Experience with Hotel Efficiency in Mind

  • Intelity
  • 05.19.11
OpenWays, the global provider of mobile-based access-management solutions, and Intelity, a hospitality software developer of the award-winning Interactive Customer Experience™ (ICE) guest self-service solution, announce an integration partnership designed to deliver the most comprehensive mobile guest experience.

 Adding OpenWays to Intelity's ICE Mobile platform enables hotels to be more productive while dramatically reducing staff expenses and minimizing room for error. The end result is improved hotel efficiency, a better bottom line, and guests that are further empowered by the ability to exploit the technology in their handheld devices.

OpenWays streamlines the hotel arrival process by harnessing the power of mobile technology and using the principle of Crypto Acoustic Credential (CAC™) and text messaging (SMS) to enable hotel guests to zip past the front desk and open their room doors using any of the 5.8 billion cell phones in the world - any make, any mobile network. ICE Mobile enables travelers to plan their stays and enhance their experiences by ordering from a host of services and amenities – now including the ability to open their room doors via OpenWays - with just a touch on an icon on their mobile device. This partnership now gives Intelity a more complete self-service platform, including the rights to resell the OpenWays Mobile Key solution to its customers.

"Today, through Intelity's ICE Mobile, OpenWays is continuing to provide more 'freedom of choice' to guests, thereby enabling them to experience the hotel in their preferred way," said Pascal Metivier, founder and CEO of OpenWays. "By embedding the OpenWays Mobile Key app into ICE Mobile, guests who enjoy the interactivity of the ICE platform to access and order hotel services and amenities through their smartphone will now enjoy the convenience of one-touch, secure room access in the same manner."

Metivier explained that by allowing guests to enroll in the Mobile Key program "online prior to arrival and receive their room number and key via automated SMS/email," OpenWays is proactively removing any stress associated with checkin by removing the forced physical interaction at the front desk and the need to wait in lines. Simultaneously, OpenWays is lessening demands placed on front desk staff by requiring them only to check in guests who prefer staff interaction and a physical room key. In this way, OpenWays is helping hotel managers reallocate resources where needed, such as reassigning front-desk duties to guest-facing and potentially profitable positions.

"Because Intelity integrates disparate hotel systems and delivers guests' requests in real time right to the appropriate staff member or department responsible for fulfillment, it also is streamlining operations, generating more revenues, removing potential for human errors and ultimately enhancing each guest's experience," he said. "With each request filled quickly and accurately the first time, it creates a positive environment for staff and guests." 

Mobile Sustainability

David Adelson, Intelity founder, president and CEO, said he is thrilled to add the OpenWays app to ICE Mobile not only for its immediate guest-service enhancement abilities, but because it also will provide a significant benefit for hotels looking to enhance their sustainability programs. By offering guests a Mobile Key alternative, it reduces a hotel's carbon footprint by eliminating or lessening the need to print and purchase plastic keycards that often get discarded in landfills. It also helps hotels to reduce associated printing and inventory costs.

"As leading hotel chains migrate to a mobile environment to elevate their guest experience, Intelity has become the number one choice for ordering in-room dining, requesting housekeeping services, delivering information about local restaurants and attractions, airline flight information including printing boarding passes, messaging property promotions and more, to guests on demand," Adelson said. "ICE is helping travelers be productive and proactive on the road, giving them one-touch access to all the information they need.

"By adding the OpenWays Mobile Key app to ICE Mobile, we are further enabling hotel guests to make the most out of their stays by streamlining the arrival process and making room access more convenient and secure," he said. "Helping hoteliers operate in a more sustainable fashion is an added bonus. Together, Intelity and OpenWays are working to deliver self-service solutions that enhance the guest experience, drive customer loyalty, and help to save the planet.”

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