RateGain Launches the Spanish Version of its Channel Management Solution

  • RateGain
  • 05.25.11
In its continuous endeavor to understand its clients' requirements and offer a customized solution, RateGain introduces the Spanish version of ChannelGain - its online inventory distribution and channel management solution for hoteliers.

Presently, ChannelGain is one of the most popular and widely used e-distribution solutions across the world with a vast majority of its customers in Spain as well as Spanish speaking countries.

Speaking at the event, Vishal Jain, Head Product Management Group, RateGain said, “Introducing ChannelGain in Spanish language is to ensure our Spanish speaking users become more comfortable & acquainted with its advanced functionalities. One of the major volumes of our ChannelGain users is in Spain or Spanish speaking countries and this local language version will address their concerns related with understanding the technical jargons in English and use the solution to distribute their inventory more efficiently and increase their online bookings.” He further added, “This is our first strategic step to customize and offer our products in popular local languages. We aim to launch different vernacular versions of our solutions in popular global languages like German, French, Portuguese, and Arabic etc.”

Confirming the immediate benefits of the localized version, Rossanna Alterio, Head Account Management, Europe said, “I had been receiving queries & suggestions from our existing as well as prospective customers on the availability of the Spanish version of ChannelGain. Our users seem to think they'll work easier with Spanish, as it's their mother tongue. It would be faster for new users also to learn the different menus and to move through the application. The other significant issue it would cater to would be the technical jargons. Some of our users are not familiar with the terminology in English that we use in Europe, they feel the Spanish version would make them feel more secure and that would make them start using it more.”

From managing multiple channels for room-distribution to maintaining Rate Parity across all channels, ChannelGain helps hoteliers perform tedious tasks easily and efficiently. This product is a web-based platform with the capability of managing multiple extranets. Rates, inventory and restrictions can be managed across multiple merchant and retail distribution sites from the efficiency of a single interface. Some of the advanced features of ChannelGain are:

  • Linked Rooms:  It lets them use one single master room to apply price updates for several room-types on different extranets. It automatically changes rates for different kinds of rooms in proportion to the room rate they choose to update.
  • Auto Remapping: Each time they create new room or rate types, ChannelGain gives them the capability to fetch and auto re-map all the new room rates and room types across multiple extranets.
  • Booking Fetch: Reservation Retrieval offers the details of a specific reservation made through the reservation confirmation number. Hotels can view the location of their hotel, check in and checkout dates, room types, rates, which channel it has been booked from, number of guests and other guest details.
  • AIM (Automated Inventory Management): Helps to update and balance the hotel inventory automatically on all the channels supported. It automatically reduces inventory across all sites when there is a booking from any one channel. It also eliminates the need to distribute the inventory on different channels and constantly monitor who is selling and who is not to adjust allocations and manage online inventory.
  • Copy linked rooms feature: This is especially useful for the seasonal hotels that want to use the same setup of rooms and channels, but set different prices/ percentages. This simple copy option will duplicate the existing linked room setup, and paste it, allowing hoteliers to set the new settings for that season.

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