KABA Installs Saflok RFID Upgrade at Hyatt Regency St. Louis at the Arch and Comfort Inn Shady Grove

  • dormakaba
  • 06.08.11
KABA, the provider of Saflok and ILCO electronic locks, upgraded hotel door locking systems at the 910-room Hyatt Regency St. Louis at The Arch and at the Comfort Inn Shady Grove in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

The properties, which previously utilized Saflok mag stripe solutions, implemented Saflok System 6000 RFID door locks. Both properties cited the technological advantages of RFID locks, the system’s affordable price, and Saflok’s customer service as the basis for their decision.

“Implementing Saflok System 6000 RFID hotel lock solutions for two different types of property provides a real-world example of its flexibility,” says Kerry Hirschy, vice president of sales and marketing for KABA Hospitality. “System 6000 interfaces with existing property management systems for greater security, and RFID locking technology is extremely reliable. Both hotels are long-time Saflok users and evaluated other solutions before selecting the System 6000. Both said they valued Saflok’s customer service.”

“We shopped the competition before we replaced our mag stripe locks with Saflok’s RFID system,” says Rick Creviston, chief engineer for Hyatt Regency St. Louis at The Arch. “The other vendors were about equal in price. One reason that Saflok came out on top is the great job they’ve done supporting our original 20 year-old locks. Saflok never said that the locks were too old to maintain.”

“We have more than 900 locks and we chose Saflok’s RFID system because it was the best investment in current and ongoing technology,” says Creviston. “We think RFID is the future.”  He also cited the durability of Saflok RFID’s system. “RFID key readers are sealed and incur less wear because they do not pick up the dust from key use. Also, RFID keys have such a long service life and we’ve instituted a ‘green’ program to recycle keys and boost their return rate as guests check out.”

RFID key codes are not subject to erasure by cell phones and magnets, which creates a major value in guest satisfaction.  “Guests need a positive first impression. RFID keys always work, and guests like the way the new keys open their doors by just passing the key near the reader,” Creviston said.

“Saflok is a good technology partner and their RFID offering is a very attractive system that impresses our corporate guests,” says Vira Safi, managing partner of Comfort Inn Shady Grove. Safi upgraded to Saflok RFID after using Saflok mag stripe keys for 14 years. “We created custom images of nearby Washington D.C. on our RFID keys which add to our cachet of being near the nation’s capital. It makes a difference in the look of my hotel and the impression it leaves with guests.”  Safi noted that Saflok System 6000’s RFID advantages come at a reasonable price. “It’s the cost-conscious choice.”

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