MGM Grand Hotel Las Vegas Manages 90,000-piece Garment Inventory with InvoTech Uniform Tracking System

  • InvoTech Systems, Inc.
  • 06.09.11
The MGM Resorts International guest experience is effortless for guests, but behind its public spaces is literally a cast of thousands.

Employees work around the clock to keep the company’s properties running so smoothly that guests need not give a thought to the operational logistics that make MGM Resort’s kaleidoscope of offerings possible.

Jackie Murphy, however, gives plenty of thought to what goes on beyond guests’ view.  As executive director – uniforms for MGM Grand Hotel Las Vegas, he and his staff of 13 uniform specialists are responsible for ensuring that an average of 8,000 employees are outfitted properly in clean, well-maintained garments daily. 
Murphy relies on a heavy-lifting solution called the GIMS™ uniform inventory control system from InvoTech Systems, Inc., to manage the impressive task of the real-time tracking the 90,000 garments in MGM Grand Hotel Las Vegas’ active-use rotation.  InvoTech is a world leader in inventory tracking for hotels, casinos, resorts and theme parks.  MGM Grand Hotel Las Vegas implemented the GIMS™ system when it opened in 1993, and today MGM Resorts International employs InvoTech’s GIMS™ Uniform System at 17 of its properties worldwide.

“Imagine the largest dry cleaners you have ever seen, with moving conveyers of hanging clothes and storage for all its customers’ garments, and then multiply it by the power of 10 – that is our operation,” said Murphy.  “We track every single item of staff uniform clothing from the neckties on our concierges to the heavy duty jumpsuits for our engineers. Our system records when each piece was purchased, how much we paid, how often it has been cleaned and repaired, and when it is forecasted for replacement.” 

“We place a bar code tag in every garment at purchase,” said Murphy, likening the code to a license plate for clothes.  His staff scans the tags to identify, count, value and process all items so their location is always known throughout the garment’s life.  This eliminates lost or misplaced valuable uniform pieces. “The GIMS™ software tells us when we purchased the garment as well as who has worn it, when, and how many times,” explained Murphy.  “We track laundering and dry cleaning cycles and repairs.” 
An illustration of the extensive scope of GIMS™ tracking is the fact that Murphy’s department handled 150,000 uniform transactions, such as fittings and replacements, in the month of April alone.

Murphy’s team relies on the historical data stored in its uniform inventory control systems to replace garments before they show wear.  “We have many types of garment pieces with widely varying fabric types and replacement rates,” said Murphy.  “Fortunately, our system’s database is comprehensive and tracks all of this information.”

Murphy frequently runs cleaning activity and aging reports based on historical metrics to guide him in determining what garments must be replaced to maintain normal par stock levels of all attire.  “Some manufacturers have prolonged lead times to accommodate our custom colors and treatments, and the GIMS™ system allows us to forecast when we will need to replace these items,” he said.  “Accuracy is essential so we can be confident of the uniform levels we need to maintain.”

Murphy’s garment database is also essential to budgeting for replacements.  In addition to tracking a garment’s life cycle, the system stores its manufacturer and most recent purchase price.  “At budget time, department heads come to me for the numbers on how much they need to include for uniform replacements,” he said.

“The amount of time our employees spend in the uniform room is much shorter,” said Murphy.  “Our conveyor system is networked with InvoTech software.  An employee swipes his or her ID card and the conveyor delivers the person’s uniform in an average of less than 30 seconds.”

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