EZYield Upgrades Connection to Travel Tripper’s RezTrip Booking Engine

  • EZYield
  • 06.10.11
Travel Tripper, LLC, and EZYield announced that EZYield has completed an enhanced channel update connection to Travel Tripper’s RezTripTM hotel booking engine.

According to Gautam Lulla, Travel Tripper COO, “EZYield’s updated interface to RezTrip provides hotels an easy way to manage rates, allotments, and stay controls on our booking engine.  EZYield customers can update RezTrip from EZ Yield.com or through any of the reservation systems that integrate EZ Yield’s channel management technology”

RezTrip is one of the industry’s best revenue generation engines for hotel websites.  Conversion rates and RevPAR have increased significantly for hotels that have moved from a legacy booking engine to RezTrip 2.0.  RezTrip supports unlimited photos, promotions, fixed packages, room types, and add ons.  Recently, Travel Tripper added social media integration to RezTrip, so hotel shoppers can share their travel plans with a partner or colleague.

Travel Tripper/EZYield customers can use the new interface by simply subscribing to the RezTrip channel on EZYield.  When the hotel updates rates for a given room type across a range of dates, EZYield will automatically change in RezTrip the base rate for the room type and will update all floating rates attached to the base for the same dates.  The updated rates will be immediately available to customers shopping hotels who use the RezTrip booking engine.

Per James Filsinger, CEO of EZYield, “Hotels may not realize that they can use EZYield to connect not only with third-party distribution channels, but also direct distribution partners such as Travel Tripper.  Hotels can save countless hours and improve rate accuracy by using EZYield as their everyday channel manager.  This new connection reinforces our value proposition as the premier channel aggregator in the hotel industry.”

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