OpenWays Unveils its Next Generation Door Lock Upgrade Module for Mobile Key Front Desk Bypass Service

  • OpenWays
  • 06.15.11
At HITEC 2011, OpenWays, a ubiquitous and deployable mobile key front desk bypass solution, will unveil its next generation Crypto Acoustic Credential™ Upgrade Module that is designed to upgrade every major electronic locking system to be mobile-device compatible in a cost-effective manner.

This allows guests to optionally bypass the traditional front desk check-in procedure and head straight to their room upon arrival. The solution, which was designed in association with the Bresslergroup of Philadelphia, will be on display June 21-23 at the Austin (Texas) Convention Center in the OpenWays Booth No. 1834.

OpenWays commissioned Bresslergroup to enhance the OpenWays Mobile Key Upgrade Module design so that guests would understand instantly how to use their cell phones so the encrypted Mobile Key tone or "credential" would be recognized by the module and visually notify guests of success. Bresslergroup is a world renowned ergonomics and industrial design firm with significant human factor expertise and longevity in hospitality product-design research. After observing guests using the Mobile Key front-desk bypass solution at the Holiday Inn & Suites Chicago O'Hare -- one of OpenWays’ first deployments -- Bresslergroup and OpenWays modified the module design to enhance it and speed the installation process for hotel operators.

"One of the biggest challenges in hospitality is making technology adaptable for a wide range of environments," said Michael Flanagan, Bresslergroup director of marketing. "We worked with OpenWays to design the new CAC™ module to better blend with all major electronic locks in the market and all hotel corridor design schemes. The new look of the module is subdued so not to overpower the lock aesthetics, and it is graphically user friendly. We believe it's a solution that hotel interior designers and guests will appreciate."

New visuals created for this product give easy instructions to the guest on how to use their mobile device to control the door lock.

In addition to a new look and new functionality for guests, the OpenWays Upgrade Module also facilitates quick and efficient electronic door lock retrofits to the major electronic locks on the market, including Magstripe, Smartcard and RFID card locks. The device can typically be added to an existing lock in less than 10 minutes per room, with no drilling, no noise, no dust and no disturbance to guests or staff. It is an inexpensive and cost-effective way to add state-of-the-art technologies to existing door locks so that the hotel may offer an effective front desk bypass solution to their guests while also building an important competitive advantage and a strong reason for guests to return.

"Offering self-service options is a matter of creating a competitive advantage for hoteliers. All studies are showing that travelers are expecting and prefer brands with a self-service option," said Pascal Metivier, OpenWays founder and CEO. "Today's travelers are demanding a choice in how they experience the hotel, whether it's through attended service at the front-desk or self service. By giving travelers a choice (to either wait in line to check-in at the front desk or bypass the front desk altogether and use their mobile phone as a room key), the non-invasive, non-restrictive, optional Mobile Key platform is delivering a richer, more personalized experience. Personalization is key.

"OpenWays is the only Mobile Key solution on the market that is compatible with all 5.8 billion cell phones in the world today and guarantees compatibility with evolving standards like GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, LTE, WIMAX, 4G and others," he said. "What that means is, any guest making a reservation at an OpenWays equipped hotel can use his or her own cell phone -- no matter what type of phone it is or what carrier he or she is using -- as a mobile key. This is not a future-looking technology. It's available today and it is proven and installed in hotels across the globe with leading hotel chains. Therefore, in order to remain competitive and build customer loyalty, hoteliers need to consider adding a mobile platform with an optional 'virtual key' to any electronic locking system purchase.

"The great news is that OpenWays can now upgrade the major locking systems to be mobile-compatible quickly and cost effectively Important considerations for any hotel considering an investment in new locks is to select a lock vendor with an established track record in the hospitality industry that has the endorsement of major chains, that can support the hotel’s mobility strategy and, in that regard, has a future-proof strategy that covers all networks, devices and standards like GSM, CDMA, LTE, WIMAX, 4G to name a few," he said.

"We would like to thank Bresslergroup for their expertise in help us designing our next generation solution to meet the needs of hoteliers, designers and guests alike," Metivier said. "We also encourage all hoteliers looking at enhancing their existing door locks to visit OpenWays at Booth No. 1834 at HITEC to more fully understand the importance that the Mobile Key platform is playing in today's hospitality environment."

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