EZYield’s Exceptional Global Growth Triggers Build-out of Leading Edge Cloud Network and Data Center Infrastructure

  • EZYield
  • 06.15.11
EZYield, an originator of automated online distribution management solutions for the worldwide hospitality industry, has completed a significant round of upgrades to its industry-leading server environment, allowing EZYield’s suite of global solutions, including channel management, a website booking engine and integrated reservation delivery, to run faster, more powerfully and with greater security than ever before.

Now operating on a 40-gigabit InfiniBand network, EZYield’s 3,800 hotel clients have already begun experiencing connection speeds that are eight times faster than the previous data network. The stability of the next-generation system is improved as well, with the number of physical servers more than doubling to ensure that the EZYield network can continue its exponential international growth without the risk of diminished performance.

Perhaps most significantly, EZYield has built its own internal virtualized computing environment augmented by the use of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. This combination of technologies enables EZYield’s product to scale quickly and be deployed to key regions globally. This technology structure allows EZYield to quickly and virtually migrate its servers to any data center throughout the world. Combined with automation servers that backup to the Amazon platform, providing top-to-bottom redundancy that ensures the entire network remains fully functional and secure -— and that no client data is lost -— even in the event of a sustained outage. Automated load balancing and bandwidth purchase allows EZYield to cost-effectively scale its systems to handle heavy rate loading and updating periods, scaling back during off-peak hours.

In addition to the obvious performance benefits for EZYield’s hotel clients and channel partners, the network upgrades provide a major boost to the company’s ongoing growth efforts. The enhancements will help EZYield bring new applications more quickly to market, without the need to build out extensive hardware infrastructures. The comprehensive virtualization measures, which include virtual data centers in Singapore, Japan, Ireland, as well as in the United States, mean new servers can go live in any part of the world within an hour.

“These improvements create a truly cutting-edge computer environment—networking just doesn’t get any quicker than this,” says Michael Miller, EZYield’s chief technology officer. “It will make the actual connection speed between the channel management platform and the OTAs lightning-quick, while also increasing the scalability of the system. Simply put, we’ve improved from standard equipment to fantastic equipment.”

EZYield’s enhanced infrastructure is hosted by Atlantic.net, with network services provided by Level 3 Communications, a firm considered by the tech community to be the gold standard of managed infrastructure. The data center facility itself is rated Category 4, which means it is designed to withstand hurricane-strength winds of up to 155 mph.

The data center relocation has a tangible, positive impact on EZYield’s ability to troubleshoot and make real-time adjustments to its server architecture. With its hardware infrastructure now located in a secure facility just minutes from company headquarters, EZYield’s team of information technology experts has direct and immediate access to the servers, significantly improving response time while allowing technical issues to be monitored and addressed before they become problems.

For more information, please visit EZYield at HITEC Booth #1031, contact EZYield sales at +1 407.629.0900, e-mail sales@ezyield.com, or visit www.ezyield.com.

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