Own Your Own Cloud - The Best of Both Worlds: Cost Savings, Operating Efficiency and Remote Data Access with NORTHWIND Maestro PMS

  • Maestro PMS
  • 06.15.11
Independent operators are turning to cloud-based system platforms to reduce staff, trim hardware investment, improve PCI-compliant cardholder security and simplify 24/7 access to property performance data. And Maestro is leading the way with robust, stable online solutions that increase profitability for independent operators.

“Cloud system platforms are not just for the large chains,” said Warren Dehan, president of NORTHWIND-Maestro PMS. “Many independent operators are leveraging remotely hosted cloud platforms to reduce expenses, create operating efficiencies, secure cardholder information, and to have instant remote access to their property or hotel group’s data. NORTHWIND has implemented its Maestro Property Management System (PMS) hotel software on remotely hosted platforms for both single properties and multi-property operations for many years and sees it as a highly practical strategy.”

“Using cloud-based systems lowers the cost of ownership for our properties because they do not need to buy a premises server or maintain the system with in-house staff,” said Darrin Pinkham, vice president of information technology for Benchmark Hospitality International. “We maintain a private cloud and run the Maestro PMS at most of our properties. We support about 20 applications on our remote network which saves us many thousands of dollars a year per property. Also important, our guest data is protected at a secure off-site location with multiple redundancies. Our property backups and upgrades are handled centrally, and our guests’ cardholder information is secured via remote PCI-compliant data tokenization. NORTHWIND put all its systems on our cloud to facilitate our operation. Guests benefit from the faster service from a solid front office system, and our owners win because of lower hardware costs and the reduction of property based IT staff at our smaller properties.”

“We operate 28 separate properties remotely, both large full-service resorts and small lodges, on one Maestro single-image database,” said Monte Fuller, Arkansas Parks & Tourism superintendent of Devil’s Den Sate Park. “All properties run on a secure central server in our Little Rock offices so property hotel management staff is free from having to do backups or system maintenance and we can run with fewer people.” Fuller noted that the training is simplified because new hires can learn Maestro from any browser on the actual system they will use at their property. “Another advantage of using a cloud-based system for a multi-property operation like ours is that we run all our property audits at one time centrally.

“A major advantage to cloud-based Maestro users is the ease their managers have in remotely monitoring property information, like occupancy and group activity, while traveling,” said Dehan. “Managers and ownership teams may access the property’s system at any time with a secure login and password to always be connected with their operation.  This enables closer oversight and management guidance of the hotel’s business.”

“We operate eight resorts in Myrtle Beach on one Maestro server across what we call our ‘metropolitan network,’” said Chris Shroff, president of Myrtle Beach Seaside Resorts. “The great advantage that using remote hosting provides is cost savings. We need just one powerful main server that supports all our properties. Our resorts use inexpensive PC workstations to access their Maestro Front Office and other property systems. We have only one database to back up and we have just one IT manager at our corporate property to manage the system. This adds to the profitability of our total enterprise.”

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