Libra OnDemand Helps Viceroy Hotel Group Better Understand, Connect With Guests Cloud-based Platform's Deep, Wholly Customizable CRM Solution Gives Luxury Hotel Company Unprecendented 360-degree View

  • Libra OnDemand, A Division of Newmarket® International
  • 06.17.11
Libra OnDemand and its comprehensive Hospitality Management System is providing Los Angeles-based Viceroy Hotel Group with a complete 360-degree view of its customer base, giving it tremendous clarity and understanding of who its guests are-both on an individual basis and in terms of larger demographic breakdowns.

The result is personalization of guest experiences combined with the ability of the luxury hotel company to perform target marketing with a degree of specificity previously thought impossible.

Libra OnDemand's customer relationship management functionality enables creation of comprehensive guest profiles, including tracking of customer preferences, shareable across a hotel company's entire portfolio. Libra OnDemand is a leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider of hospitality solutions that are natively built using Cloud technologies, which means the applications available to interface with the system are virtually endless. That includes seamless integration of social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, which Viceroy leverages not only to communicate with fans, but also to learn more about the guests themselves.

"Libra OnDemand gives us a great advantage to do what we in the hotel business do best-take care of people on a personal level," says Patricia Davis, associate vice president of revenue management and reservations for Viceroy Hotel Group. "We now have all the tools we need to surprise and delight our guests in stunningly memorable ways."

Viceroy executives marvel at the extraordinary depth of the technology's CRM capabilities, but it was a different functionality that originally drew the hotel company to Libra OnDemand more than a year ago. Viceroy initially tapped Libra OnDemand for its integrated email marketing platform, which it uses in conjunction with the group sales management module to efficiently and effectively communicate with guests. Libra OnDemand makes email marketing campaigns a breeze, and combined with its searchable CRM system, Viceroy can now send out highly targeted promotions to extremely specific customer lists: wine-loving dog owners who live in Florida, for example.

Viceroy has also recently begun using Libra OnDemand's performance analytics tools to measure major key performance indicators, both for individual properties and across the portfolio. At Davis' request, Libra OnDemand even built a set of customized dashboards for Viceroy that track specific metrics that the company deems critical. The system automatically generates a series of detailed weekly performance reports, doing in a few minutes what it used to take Davis two days to accomplish.

"We can take this data that was already available and crunch it more quickly and effectively, helping salespeople understand where their business is coming from so they can tailor their sales strategies to make the most of the market demand," Davis says.

"We started using Libra for a very specific purpose-to manage our email marketing campaigns," says Nicholas Clayton, president of Viceroy Hotel Group. "The longer we use it, the more ways we find to take advantage of it. Besides the ongoing rollout of the CRM and analytics applications across our portfolio, we're also planning to soon add virtual concierge assistance. We've found Libra to be fully infinitely scalable, and their pay-as-you-go model makes it simple to add new applications as we need them."

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