VingCard Elsafe Enhances Guest Convenience and Mobility With NFC-based Locking Solution

  • ASSA ABLOY Hospitality
  • 06.24.11
VingCard Elsafe, a global leader in hospitality security and part of the ASSA ABLOY Group, announces that a combination of their VISIONLINE system, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and advanced NFC (Near Field Communication) technology is now making it possible for hotel guests to check in remotely through their PC or Web-enabled mobile devices and bypass the front desk at check-in, using NFC-enabled mobile phones as virtual guestroom keys.

This smart check-in solution is based on NFC, a secure delivery infrastructure for distributing and managing virtual keys securely on mobile devices, using a short-range wireless communication technology standard that enables the exchange of data between devices over about a 10 centimeter distance.

With the new VingCard Elsafe NFC solution, hotel guests can book their hotel rooms as usual, through a PC or any other web-enabled device. Upon the day of arrival, the room number and the digital hotel room key is sent securely to the guest’s mobile phone. When the guest arrives at the hotel, they can bypass the front desk and proceed directly to the hotel room. The hotel room door is unlocked by simply holding the phone near the door lock.

“Our groundbreaking NFC-based mobile key solution is a simple, user-friendly way to save valuable time for today’s tech-savvy guests,” said Tim Shea, global president for VingCard Elsafe “Because our solution uses NFC, it requires no additional action by the guest such as dialing a number at the door, making it the quickest, most convenient and reliable solution on the market. This is game-changing technology for the hotel market that doesn’t require additional hardware expense to deploy.”

VingCard Elsafe’s NFC solution also provides end-to-end security by making it impossible for unauthorized people to use a lost or stolen mobile phone. Security managers can add, remove or update access rights for any of the users instantly, regardless of if the doors are online or offline.

The backbone of VingCard Elsafe’s NFC solution is the VISIONLINE system, which features standalone electronic locks that communicate with a central property server, eliminating the need to manually encode keycards, cancel master cards and check battery life. A remote audit trail and live card-tracking capabilities provide valuable intelligence in the event of a guest dispute. Optional advanced communication functionality keeps hotel management constantly in the loop regarding security issues via automated text message or email.

Another distinct advantage of the VingCard Elsafe system is that it works with existing RFID locks, such as VingCard Elsafe’s Signature RFID locking solution. This provides maximum flexibility and an easy upgrade path for existing RFID customers. Currently, VingCard Elsafe has the largest installed base of RFID locking systems in the world.

“When you choose a VingCard Elsafe product, you can be assured that it is designed not only for today, but for the future,” added Shea. “Our solutions are designed to allow our customers to easily transition from one technology to another, or augment their systems with additional features, as new protocols are introduced and adopted by the market. For instance, we are currently exploring a pilot to incorporate our NFC locking technology into the existing RFID-based Aloft Smart Check-In program, in order to enhance the program and provide another level of guest convenience and mobility.”

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