TravelShark Unleashed at HITEC 2011

  • TravelShark
  • 06.27.11
There’s something in the water in Austin, Texas—or at least there was last week. A leading global online travel network (formerly known as Swiftrank) made its official debut as TravelShark during HITEC 2011 from June 20-23 at the Austin Convention Center.

With 12,000 destination-specific travel websites, the company has gained attention over the past year for the burgeoning growth of traffic to its sites and its ability to connect hotels to global travelers everywhere.

Last week, TravelShark unveiled its new corporate identity with the launch of, and a video series on the backstory of the company’s name change. At HITEC, TravelShark introduced its new company mascot, “Mako Mark the TravelShark”. Although unable to venture outside the TravelShark booth -- apparently due to show officials’ well-founded fear of “Jaws”-like panic on the show floor -- Mako Mark lurked at booth # 217. He handed out cool, sharky swag, such as HITEC 2011 “Shark Attack” t-shirts, hats and much more. Mako Mark and TravelShark also hosted a “Bloody Mary” Wednesday morning welcome at the booth from 10 a.m. to noon on Wednesday, June 22nd.

The real reason for TravelShark’s presence in Austin, however, is to showcase its unique online marketing solutions to the 5,000 attendees from the global hospitality industry that are expected to attend HITEC this year. TravelShark offers its hotel partners “Featured Hotel” status, providing premium positioning on both the home pages and interior pages of TravelShark’s customized sites. It also provides Featured Hotels with direct links to their websites and booking engines, delivering highly profitable direct bookings to TravelShark partner properties.

“Our global-to-local approach provides travelers across the world with detailed insight into specific destinations, while offering hotels with the opportunity to reach a broad, international pool of traveling consumers,” said Sue Heilbronner, CEO of TravelShark. “We expect our new brand to propel us further into the global market and allow us to extend our offerings beyond travel suppliers to consumers, with a host of unique new products and programs.”

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