How David Beats Goliath: LeisureLink Delivers the Firepower Needed to Transform Independent Properties into Market Leaders

  • LeisureLink
  • 06.27.11
LeisureLink, a leading provider of revenue management, distribution, real-time market data and booking software targeted at independent lodging properties, broke the technological strangle hold of multinational hospitality chains with a single shot- the introduction of Marketspan.

With its unveiling at the HFTP-HITEC conference, Marketspan unifies LeisureLink’s products in a powerful, focused, cloud-based platform that transforms independent properties from underdogs to market leaders. Marketspan delivers the real-time market data, comprehensive online distribution and decision power necessary for independent properties to compete under virtually any market condition and emerge victorious.

An enterprise-class platform, Marketspan, gives clients an integrated strategic solution that unites a property’s marketing to effortlessly compete across thousands of online channels, automate pricing with real-time market dynamics, and simplify back-end processing, allowing independent hotels, resorts and vacation rental properties to drive results to new levels and leaves competitors dazed. 

“The innovation of Marketspan flows from the unique collaboration between LeisureLink developers and our clients.  Driven by dynamic business challenges and scenarios that independent properties face daily, Marketspan is a game changing product,” said Erik Hovanec, CEO of LeisureLink. “We took a complicated process and broke it down into its key parts -- high quality, real-time data, comprehensive distribution and rules-based rate changes that maximize market opportunities. With this in hand, we created specific automated solutions and brought them together in one easy-to-use, intuitive interface. The result is Marketspan.”

LeisureLink’s most significant product release to date, Marketspan brings to the lodging market a solution that not only revolutionizes an independent properties’ market competitiveness but reaches new levels of success far beyond expectations. John Sands, chief operating officer and general manager of Prospector Square Management can testify to the power of this integrated platform. “Marketing our property online was challenging with limited resources and staff who wear multiple hats to serve our customers,” said Sands. “Before working with LeisureLink, one person would have to spend the entire day checking competitive properties’ rates and then readjust our prices to stay relevant. Not only was it labor intensive, we were at the mercy of balancing serving our customers with maximizing market opportunities – that wasn’t a recipe for success.  With LeisureLink, we automated this process, allowing us to maximize market opportunities and driving our growth rate 55 percent over last year.” Sands will join LeisureLink at HFTP-HITEC to share Prospector Square’s success with attendees. 

Marketspan is a platform for independent properties to transform effective revenue management from a mysterious “black art” into a highly predictable, repeatable business process. Enhancing competitiveness and expanding online presence for independent hotels, resorts and vacation rental properties, while simultaneously streamlining the administrative burden of revenue management and maximizing staff effectiveness, Marketspan’s core components include:

  • Marketspan Revenue Management - Revenue Management delivers more revenue per available room for independent property owners. From one, easy-to-use interface, Revenue Management monitors competitors, manages inventory, and automatically adjusts prices across thousands of online channels. Customizable strategies and detailed reporting help owners selectively raise Average Daily Rates for greater profitability and consistent growth.
  • Marketspan Distribution Network - Distribution Network delivers streamlined, automated access to millions of new online customers. With Distribution Network, a global reach becomes a reality to independent hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals who can now manage thousands of channels from one location, while eliminating the headache of manual and redundant data entry.
  • Marketspan Booking Engine - The Marketspan Booking Engine makes it effortless for properties to book and maintain inventory and rates online.  The easy-to-use booking tool directly connects with a property’s reservation system allowing visitors to their website to book rooms directly with the property.
  • Marketspan Competitive Analytics- To compete and thrive online you need to have real-time, actionable business and market intelligence. Getting to that real-time data can be an arduous and expensive task that can be cost prohibitive for all but the largest property chains. Marketspan Competitive Analytics is provided at a price-point and level of convenience that changes how the vast majority of properties see their market.

Driven by data, LeisureLink determined that independent properties have been searching for a product that delivers the same tools and services that multinational chain hotels have been using for years. For LeisureLink, Marketspan enables the company to effectively monetize the inventory of this $100 billion US lodging market. “Early results from Marketspan have been phenomenal. For many of our clients, we heard that without our tools and services they might not have made it through the recession. Like David in the parable, LeisureLink is the slingshot to victory in challenging times,” said Hovanec. “We are honored and humbled to be helping independent business owners grow and prosper and we envision a world where hundreds of thousands of independent properties maximize the value of their inventory and thrive online because of Marketspan.”

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