runtriz™ Makes Sure No Guest Requests are 'Lost in Translation'

  • runtriz™
  • 06.30.11
runtriz™ now makes its suite of mobile communications, marketing and on-demand services available to hotel properties and their guests in one of 57 languages via its dynamic communication platform and content-management system.

The runtriz™ Hotel Evolution platform offers hotel guests access to all property services at their fingertips via any device – smartphone, tablet or laptop – anytime, anywhere, and pre- or post check in. For hotel staff, it enables them to communicate with their guests more efficiently and effectively than ever before, plus capture key data to drive a richer guest experience and significant, incremental revenues.

"We are very excited to launch the newest version of our global communications platform and content management system that offer our clients the opportunity to engage their guests in 57 languages," said Matt Allard, runtriz™ founder and CEO. "It's quite difficult for a hotel to offer personalized service if they can't communicate their services and amenities offerings in guests' native language. With deployments in several countries across multiple continents, we are making all mobile content multi-language compatible.

“If a non-English speaking traveler is visiting the United States, for example, she can view information on Hotel Evolution and submit service requests, all in her native language," he said. "Equally important, all communications submitted by the guest are automatically translated into English within the platform, and distributed in real-time to the appropriate hotel department. It's an extremely flexible program that takes personalization of guest services to a new level."

Two-thirds of the world do not speak English, yet most U.S.-developed mobile services platforms don't support the needs of non-English speaking travelers.  runtriz™ has done everything possible to ensure that all guest requests can be communicated in a language that benefits both those sending requests for service and those receiving the requests. Foreign travelers are frequently intimidated by having to communicate in person or over the phone with hotel staff that don’t speak their native language. Even worse, they often don’t communicate at all. Hotel Evolution makes it easy for all guests and hotel staff to communicate with one another, and ensures that guests have the positive and complete experience they deserve.

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