XETA Hospitality Solutions Expands Relationship with Eleven Wireless, Announces the XETA Business Center Powered by Eleven

  • Xeta Technologies
  • 06.30.11
XETA Hospitality Solutions, a business unit of XETA Technologies, Inc., a PAETEC Company, that provides dedicated solutions and services to the hospitality industry, today announced it has expanded its relationship with Eleven Wireless, a leading software provider for hospitality guest Internet and business center solutions.

As part of the expanded relationship, XETA Hospitality will offer the XETA Business Center Powered by Eleven, a cost-effective, centrally managed, all-in-one guest computer and printer solution for hotels and resorts.

The XETA Business Center Powered by Eleven provides guests with a total office experience and offers hospitality groups an additional revenue source. The center is deeply integrated with ElevenOS, Eleven’s scalable and flexible cloud-based system that allows hoteliers to manage all aspects of the guest online experience through a single intuitive web interface. With the integrated solution, guests have access to a fully automated business center with all the amenities they expect from a full office environment, including High Speed Internet Access (HSIA), email, Microsoft Office Suite, printers, fax machines and copiers. With the ability to choose between Windows 7 and Mac OS X Snow Leopard operating systems or run them side by side in a single instance, the XETA Business Center Powered by Eleven offers guests a full PC for their computing needs.

For property administrators, the XETA Business Center Powered by Eleven allows for complete flexibility and customization. From configurable guest login screens and browser landing page redirect to granular price control and billing procedures, the XETA Business Center Powered by Eleven caters to the specific needs of property management. The integrated solution also enables tiered bandwidth as well as easy separation of conference spaces to provide revenue options even when free Internet is provided to guests. Additionally, administrators can easily provision group Internet, review tickets and check network status on demand through the Web-based tool. Management of the XETA Business Center Powered by Eleven is overseen by an advanced technical operations team that centrally monitors and manages all computers and printers to rapidly remediate issues and maintain system uptime.

“Business travelers make up a significant percent of a hotel’s revenue. It’s essential that hotels and resorts cater to the needs of business professionals and make their travel experience as seamless as possible,” said Mark Holzberg, managing director of XETA Hospitality Solutions. “Together with Eleven Wireless and its ElevenOS platform, we’re able to offer guests a complete mobile office environment while offering operators a powerful, flexible solution that’s dependable and easy to manage.”

The XETA Business Center Powered by Eleven is the latest development in XETA Hospitality’s relationship with Eleven Wireless. The expanded relationship plan provides hoteliers the benefits of best-in-class solutions with seamless integration between XETA Hospitality and the ElevenOS software platform.

“We’re excited to team with XETA Hospitality and provide solutions for the hospitality marketplace that provide significant value for both hospitality operators and guests,” said Dan Meub, CEO of Eleven Wireless. “We look forward to continuing our product integration and innovations with XETA Hospitality."

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