Innovation Technologies Worldwide Inc. Now Integrates InnLine IP With Legacy PBX Systems Cross Plains, Wis.

  • Innovation Technologies Worldwide
  • 08.04.11
Innovation has successfully integrated its InnLine IP® voice messaging platform with Dialogic® Media Gateways.

This collaboration makes it possible for hotels to replace their legacy voice mail systems with next generation VOIP-based messaging technology and extend the life of their legacy PBX. When the time comes to replace the legacy PBX with a next generation phone system the investment made in the InnLine IP® system is preserved because the messaging system provides VOIP interface to the new phone system.

Doug Schwartz, president of Innovation said, “By combining Dialogic Media Gateway Technology with our InnLine IP® (VOIP) messaging platform we have essentially future-proofed our customer’s investment in voice mail technology.”

Supported legacy phone systems include Mitel, Nortel, NEC and Avaya. This allows for a well planned, phased migration to a next generation IP PBX.

“Solution providers like Innovation Technologies deliver tremendous innovation and value in vertical markets such as hospitality,” said Franz-Josef Eberle, vice president and general manager VAS and Cloud Enabling Unit of Dialogic. “Dialogic has decades of experience integrating unique messaging solutions with third party PBX systems, and we are pleased to continue that enabling legacy as part of the InnLine IP® messaging solution.”

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