Trust International First Independent CRS to Participate in Google Program Hotel Finder Trial

  • Trust International
  • 08.12.11
Trust International is the first centralized reservation system (CRS) provider to participate in Google´s newly launched Hotel Finder.

Google launched the “Hotel Finder” offering in a test version the last week of July, with the initial version available in the U.S.

The Hotel Finder search experience has a number of features to make it easier for users to select the perfect hotel, such as: users will be able to shine a “tourist spotlight” on the most popular areas of a city and apply fine-grain location preferences; see and flip through a photo-rich summary of each result; keep track of “viewed” hotels and “shortlisted” hotels; and see how the price compares to the hotel’s historical average to see if it’s a great time to stay there.

After having been the first in February 2011 to list partner hotels in Google’s feature showing hotel prices and availability, Trust will now be the first CRS to have its hotels displayed in Hotel Finder. Importantly, when the user is ready to book a room, Hotel Finder will connect the user to the yourVoyager CRS and the reservation can be fulfilled.

“We are more than happy to be part of this trial that provides a valuable new service to potential hotel guests and our hotel customers,” said Richard Wiegmann, managing director, Trust International. “Our hotel customers who have integrated the hotel pricing and availability into Google’s system will be able to be featured in Google´s Hotel Finder as well. It is now easier for customers to customize, compare and complete hotel reservations online.”

“We are excited about this new Google product,” says Jon Londeen, senior vice president, distribution and reservations management, The Leading Hotels of the World. “With the interface between our LEO system - which is based on the yourVoyager CRS – we will be able to offer this new functionality to our hotels. This valuable tool makes the perfect addition to our Trust solution, to drive more revenue via our website to our member hotels.”

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