Properties Unlock the Full Potential of Their Property Management Systems with IQware’s New Business Intelligence and Analytics Solution

  • IQware, Inc.
  • 08.19.11
Every day, hotels utilizing the IQware Property Management System (IQpms) collect thousands of data points on their guests.

IQware announced a new business intelligence program that will turbocharge a hotel’s reporting capabilities, allowing it to drill deeper into its existing data like never before.

“The IQpms contains a wealth of information important to an hotelier,” said Francois Greffard, vice president of operations for IQware. “What the IQbi will do is allow a hotelier to query this data using a simple Web interface to produce sophisticated reports. These reports will be exportable into Microsoft Office applications for further manipulation the hotelier requires.”

As Greffard explained, all IQware products have their own databases optimized for their own application. IQbi processes all that data into an optimized database, allowing properties to quickly and easily analyze their data along three dimensions. They can create Pivot charts to report results from multiple sources, extracting data into one worksheet or graph so that they can more easily update or aggregate data.

“For instance, you can look at who booked in the last month, where they are from and what rates they were charged, and slice that data from all three viewpoints,” said Greffard. “With IQbi, it is simple to create pie charts, bar graphs or Excel spreadsheets and paste them directly into a report.”

The IQbi is a Web-based application. Once it is installed on a property’s server, it can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

Once per day, IQbi will import and consolidate data from all of its sources. In this way, data in the system will never be older than 24 hours and running reports will have no impact on the original applications.

“At IQware, we are constantly innovating and evolving based on our customers’ needs,” said IQware CEO David Perkins. “IQware Business Intelligence is another way we are delivering increased ROI to our clients. By providing a better understanding of what your clients are doing and what they want, IQbi puts better focus in the right place. It’s an influx of knowledge on what's working and what's not working, allowing you to make the most informed business decisions.”

The key to the IQbi is a selection screen to allow users to choose which fields they would like to export to their report. They can create completely customized reports from any data table, or they can utilize the many pre-programmed reports IQware has created within the system.

The system allows for full flexibility in reporting. Reports can be automated to run daily, weekly, quarterly or annually, with the results sent directly to a user's email account.

“With IQbi, you can unlock everything you ever wanted to know about your guests, and see how that directly ties into your business,” said John G. Denver, IQware vice president, business development. “The goal of this program is to present that data, help you understand it, and present it in a meaningful way.”

Reporting fields built into the IQbi include:

  • Dates – arrival date, departure date, booking date, lead time
  • Guest status – reserved, arrived, checkout, cancelled
  • Bookings – individual or group (family), booking source, booking type
  • Marketing – source of business, guest type, promotions received, geographical location
  • Revenues – room rates, how much spent on property, services utilized
  • Guest profile – reward memberships, packages purchased, point balances, etc.

The other key advantage of the IQbi is that it allows a single user to manage data for multiple properties and across multiple IQware products.

“This is really something that our larger clients can take advantage of; rolling up data from multiple properties and taking operational or marketing actions from a global perspective,” said Greffard. “Maybe you see a number of guests coming from one geographic location. You can implement a marketing plan to target those guests or adjust your rates based on what you are seeing on a regional basis.”

“Having this data at your fingertips is how smart hotels can make decisions to drive more revenue and increase traffic. It’s a tool that managers and marketers can really have fun with.”

IQbi will launch this August, adding another key component to IQware’s full range of hotel management solutions.

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