Blueprint RF Launches Hotel Technology Dashboard - Central System Health and Performance Information Aggregator

  • Blueprint RF
  • 08.19.11
Now the hospitality industry has a single dashboard available to give a comprehensive view of key high-speed Internet network activities in one, easy-to-understand, interactive presentation.

Blueprint RF created the technology, health and performance dashboard to provide hotels with a clear and active view of all the critical HSIA performance metrics.  Blueprint RF understands that hotels want to see for themselves what their connected guests experience. 

The company has designed the dashboard to automatically display information regarding the system bandwidth use, user sessions, customer call center reports, network health, Internet traffic types and energy consumption. Each information pane on the dashboard can easily be drilled down, providing more details.

“Through years of experience in the hospitality industry, Blueprint RF experts understand that a healthy and optimized network is a key component of the modern guest experience,” said Ron Peterson, Blueprint RF, CEO.  “When appropriate information is shared in a timely and meaningful manner, key decision makers can take action that impacts the guest experience and hotel’s bottom line.”

Blueprint RF’s underlying systems architecture is built specifically for the hospitality industry in order to capture and produce deep business intelligence mined directly from a variety of advanced network management tools and resources. Drawing directly from its business intelligence core, the dashboard is a permissions-driven, Web-based interactive display which summarizes key network performance data using simple charts and graphs.

Information is monitored and mined 24 hours a day, seven days a week and then collected and aggregated utilizing the most recent cloud-hosting technology. Blueprint RF’s knowledgebase can quickly access a broad range of variables to produce unique network performance views and insights. The dashboard’s user-friendly interface can be easily adjusted with a few clicks revealing the depth of information needed to make key decisions.

Features include:
  • From the bandwidth pane, hotels can easily monitor key dates and times that require the most bandwidth.  In cases where multiple circuits are available, loads affecting each circuit are displayed as well. 
  • Hospitality extends to the call center where information on the number of incidents (or calls), number of users on the network and session lengths, can be quickly accessed.  Management can also drill down to which tickets required additional action and escalation in order for the issue to be resolved. 
  • Internet traffic pane features information on Internet traffic types and circuit consumption volumes, segmented in detail, e.g. peer-to-peer, video conferencing, HTTP, VPN and more. It can be quickly accessed with an easy-to-read chart for both inbound and outbound traffic.
  • The Network Health indicates real-time network health and operational up-time for all major network components.   
  • Energy use and consumption is in constant flux within a hotel.  The Blueprint RF dashboard collects information on a property’s energy use in order to detect areas which could be targeted for efficiency, lowering the hotel’s operating costs and creating a greener environment. 

“Hotel management will have an expanding scope of information all in one easy-to-read central location for the first time. This information is key for management and brands to have a stronger sense of the health and performance of their networks in order to make more sound business decisions,” said Peterson. 

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