FCS Universal Billing and Interface System

  • FCS Computer Systems
  • 08.23.11
FCS Computer Systems (FCS), a leading comprehensive hospitality solutions provider, announced today that its Universal Billing and Interfacing System (UBIS) Version 3.20 has been certified under the Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG) Web Services 2010B Specification, reinforcing its commitment to support industry standards.

FCS UBIS has successfully completed the certification process for “HTNG Guest and Room Status Messaging Specifications 2010B Version 1.1.” UBIS interfaces with other certified property management systems to perform a comprehensive suite of functions, including guest check-in/checkout, guest information updates, room changes, message lamp controls, phone barring, do-not-disturb, room status, minibar charges, call charges and folio billing.

UBIS is certified with “HTNG Property Web Services Specifications 2009B – Part 2:  Single Guest Itinerary Version 2.2.1.” In addition, UBIS has also complied with the HTNG two-way interface specifications, which enables it to be extended to FCS Unicorn, FCS e-Connect and FCS c-Connect, giving properties the ability to update guest preferences and stay history information from any FCS systems to the hotel’s PMS. The interface is capable of triggering jobs based on guest preferences and special guest requirements; handling the pre-arrival process for personalized services; and cataloging guest incidents, bookings and itineraries, with real-time updates to the hotel’s PMS.

“As a committed HTNG Platinum member, FCS has worked very closely within the HTNG community and different HTNG workgroups. We are pleased to have our products certified and to roll out these next-generation interfaces to support the industry," says Akina Ho, FCS vice president of strategy and business development.

Membership in HTNG is open to hotel and hospitality companies, technology vendors to the hospitality market, consultants, academics, press and others in associated industries. Nearly 400 corporate and individual members from across this spectrum are active HTNG participants. Workgroup proceedings, drafts and specifications are published for all HTNG members as soon as they are created, thereby encouraging rapid and broad adoption practices. Specifications are released to the public domain when they are approved for certification or when the workgroup has completed its work, typically after no more than 18 months.

"Certification not only encourages the development of consistent interfaces between vendors, but also enables FCS to further enhance the functionalities of our products within the industry," adds Akina Ho. "As FCS continues to expand across the globe, the certifications will give hotels confidence in knowing that our products will communicate efficiently and reliably under any environment involving multi-vendor systems and without interoperability issues."

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