guestLINK™ Connectivity Technology Part of Hilton Dallas Amenities

  • G-LINK™
  • 09.01.11
The Hilton Dallas is ensuring that their guests stay connected by installing guestLINK™ - a connectivity panel that embraces plug-and-play technology.

The 500-room hotel is meeting the needs of guests who require integrated connectivity amenities by installing guestLINK™ units in guest rooms that bring entertainment, Internet and business right to the television screen.

Travelers crave access to technology and guestLINK™ is the answer for those who use today’s technological devices. For hotel guests, it means no more searching in vain for an elusive Ethernet connection or settling for tunes played on the clock radio. Through the guestLINK™ console, users may plug in their laptop, iPad®, iPod®, Android™, Xoom™, personal gaming station, camcorder or digital camera, and enjoy their personal devices from the comfort of their hotel room.

“The Hilton Dallas caters to business travelers which makes guestLINK’s in-room technology the perfect complement to our guest rooms. Another benefit of guestLINK is that it works with any TV manufacturer so we’re not tied to working with one company,” says Jacob Fruth of Jaguar Hospitality Services, purchasing and project management company for the Hilton Dallas Lincoln Center renovation project.

“As one of most vibrant hotels in the Dallas area, we’re thrilled the Hilton Dallas recognizes connectivity panels as a must-have amenity,” said J. Glynn Gross, CEO of Communication Integrators, Inc. and the manufacturer of guestLINK™.  “Technology is a key component to enhancing guest experience and it’s fantastic to have the likes of The Hilton Dallas embracing the power of guestLINK™.”

In addition to enhancing the in-room experience, it stands to reason that guestLINK™ may help hotels boost their bottom lines. Recent research reveals that 37 percent of hotel guests who use guestLINK™ will spend more time using their personal electronics during their stay, creating an opportunity for hotels to generate additional revenue by promoting room service and other on-site hotel amenities. Guests also indicated a significant preference for guestLINK™ over other lesser connectivity products available in the market.

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