PSAV Brings 'MapIt!' Web and Mobile App to AVMA Event Attendees

  • PSAV® Presentation Services
  • 10.05.11
Approximately 8,600 attendees experienced the American Veterinary Medical Association's Annual Convention in St. Louis in an entirely new way. Using MapIt!, a native Web, Mobile Web and iPad application developed by PSAV® Presentation Services and QuickMobile, veterinary professionals were able to view more than 600 educational sessions, special event listings, exhibitor details, sponsor profiles, city guide, and their personal/customized agendas using iPad-based wayfinding kiosks, the AMVA website or a link downloaded to their smartphone, tablet or laptop.

"The 2011 AVMA Convention was absolutely HUGE -- not measured by number of attendees registered and sessions presented alone, although those numbers were impressive, but by the overall accomplishment of the event and the satisfaction of delegates," said Lisa Williamson, AVMA Exhibits Specialist. "We owe a great deal of our success this year to PSAV and MapIt! Analytics show that across all platforms (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry or Web site) MapIt! generated more than 38,000 hits for our educational sessions alone.

"This tool kept live event information at everyone's fingertips," she said. "The biggest benefit of having a mobile and web platform is having the ability to push information to attendees the moment we receive it. They view only the most up-to-date information, and it greatly enhances their overall experience."

PSAV strategically placed 32 iPad MapIt! kiosks throughout the America's Center so information was easily accessible. In addition, 400 iPads were provided by PSAV to event sponsors who then distributed the tablet computers to customers of their choice for the duration of the conference.

"Early promotion was key to generating excitement for the App and getting everyone registered to use it," Williamson said. "We encouraged everyone to create their own personal itinerary and access it at any time in a variety of ways. Those who chose not to create a personal agenda could still interact with MapIt! via kiosk to access the same information. It was an amazing tool that we will surely use again and again."

Online Statistics show:

  • Educational Sessions were viewed 22,775 times using MapIt!
  • Exhibitors were viewed 6,922 times using MapIt!
  • AVMA website achieved 8,228 views during the event
  • AVMA website achieved 149,494 Page Views during the event
  • AMVA website attracted 53.35% new visitors during the event
  • Average website view lasted 9 minutes, 13 seconds

iPad Statistics show:
  • Educational Sessions were viewed 12,458 times via iPad
  • Exhibitors were viewed 3,430 times via iPad
  • Attendees looked up Educational Sessions 3,746 times using an iPad kiosk

"The reporting capabilities of MapIt! also were impressive," Williamson said. "We were able to determine which sessions and speakers were the most popular and which exhibit categories were of the most interest. We also could determine how many people were interested in downloading the tradeshow maps, how many looked at the City Guide and how many times a video was watched. It was valuable information that we will use to help us in planning the 2012 event."

Brent Rogers, PSAV director of digital services, said PSAV is committed to developing technologies that will put event services at organizers' and attendees' fingertips to streamline the flow of information and greatly enhance the overall event experience.

"MapIt! is just one of the new mobile toolset offerings PSAV and QuickMobile have developed to reduce costs and increase satisfaction across the board," Rogers said. "By leveraging the power of mobile device technology, PSAV is delivering real-time information to attendees and organizers like never before, thereby establishing a deeper, more personal connection between attendees. Keeping current about events, presenters and their colleagues has never been easier through PSAV."

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