Cendyn Launches eFolio – An Automated Folio Delivery Service to the Major Credit Card and Expense Management Companies

  • Cendyn
  • 10.06.11
Cendyn, a leading full service digital sales and marketing agency for hospitality and travel announced that its eFolio solution has been deployed to hundreds of hotels around the world.

Acting as a switch to the major credit card and travel and entertainment expense management companies, eFolio enables hotels to attract and serve large corporate accounts by automating the delivery of guest folios to corporations on a daily basis.

The hotel and travel industries rely heavily on corporate business travel and provide services to thousands of businessmen and women throughout the US and worldwide. Concurrently, corporations seek more detailed data to manage their travel costs and business spending habits. To meet this need, Cendyn developed its eFolio solution to allow hotels a way to provide the necessary data to corporations for improving their ability to precisely report business travel expenses and improve efficiencies in corporate financial management and accurate expense forecasting.

eFolio provides automated daily folio transmissions directly from a hotel’s property management system to the data platforms of Visa, MasterCard, American Express and corporate travel and entertainment expense systems such as Concur. “Hotels gain essential visibility into corporate account activity by participating in these folio programs, and corporations receive the data they need to more effectively manage their business. This is a win-win for hotels and corporations,” says Robert Magliozzi, vice president of sales and integration services at Cendyn. “More buyers are requiring that electronic folio data be included in services provided by hotels within their RFPs and eFolio gives properties the means to provide this valuable service to corporate clients.” Magliozzi stated that one major chain has already implemented eFolio across all properties.

eFolio also benefits corporations by simplifying their travel-audit and expense management processes, and efforts toward a paperless environment. When hotels use eFolio to deliver folio details to corporate clients, corporations can also more readily adhere to Sarbanes-Oxley regulations and IRS requirements while furthering their efforts to “go green.”

“The eFolio solution is one of Cendyn’s many services that help clients drive bottom-line results,” said Magliozzi. “As corporations recognize the conveniences of automating their expense reporting process, they are more likely to choose hotels that provide automated folio data delivery as part of their overall services, which will result in increased business and revenues for our clients.”

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