EasyRMS Partners with International College of Management (ICMS) in Sydney to Groom Future Revenue Management Leaders in Hospitality Industry

  • Infor, Revenue Management
  • 11.08.11
Industry-leading provider of SaaS revenue and yield management solutions to the global hotel industry, Easy (Ez) Revenue Management Solutions Ltd (EasyRMS), continues its dedication to sharing knowledge and expertise in the field of revenue management in educational institutions, this time with the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS).

Jan Read, the rooms division management lecturer, said, “A key component in educating future industry leaders is to integrate the curriculum with as much corporate exposure as possible. Revenue management is such an integral part of the hospitality business these days, so I wanted to give the students an opportunity to see how a proper revenue management system works in reality. As an industry leader, EasyRMS was best positioned to share best practises.”

The collaboration with EasyRMS will involve reinforcing key revenue management concepts Jan and her fellow lecturers teach. The students will get an opportunity to see how EasyRMS helps revenue managers and directors make the right strategic decisions.

Furthermore, a Q&A session will provide a forum for students to further their understanding.

Josephine Poh, director of sales for Asia Pacific, said, “Revenue management is about optimizing revenue for the hotel, be it tactical decisions like rate control on a daily basis, or making long-term strategic decisions like changing the hotel’s business mix. The complexity involved for such decisions means that making the right one is not possible without accurate forecasting and analysis from an automated RMS. I look forward to playing a part in producing good future revenue managers,” she added.

ICMS Executive Dean Dr. Roger Alexander is a firm believer in the importance of filling in skill-gaps in the industry by enhancing their students’ educational experiences, which will truly set them up for a rewarding career. “We have observed a very big gap in the hospitality business for trained revenue managers," he said. "It is a highly specialized role that requires strong analytical, strategic and communication skills. The commitment to help produce the next generation of industry leaders will benefit both students and corporations in the business. This is the type of partnership that will add benefit to all.”

Read added, “I am very excited about this partnership. I strongly believe it will provide new appreciation to the value revenue managers add to their hotels. Hopefully this will encourage our students to consider revenue management as a chosen career path. This is what ICMS is all about.”
Founded in July 1999, EasyRMS is a global leader and provider of SaaS revenue and yield management solutions. EasyRMS is dedicated to the introduction of new generation technology and procedures within the hospitality industry and aims to deliver these services to its clients. Backed by the confidence of many of today’s industry leaders, EasyRMS is committed to easing the current burden of strategic decision making and implementation of revenue and yield management techniques and procedures worldwide.

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