RateGain’s Channel Management Solution is Ready for the Year of the Dragon

  • RateGain
  • 11.09.11
RateGain, a pioneer in technology solutions for hospitality industry, launches its channel management solution with complete customization in Chinese language.

With over 11,000 hotels worldwide having access to its solutions, RateGain has a proven global track record of innovation and expertise. Following its successful launch of channel manager in Spanish earlier this year, this is a strategic move by RateGain to capture the biggest hospitality market in Asia.

Unlike other platforms, it not only offers the user interface in Chinese language but a database backend system capable of updating and retrieving their ARI & other details in Chinese characters. Other than hotels in Chinese mainland, hotels in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau that are dependent on Chinese speaking staff would also benefit substantially.

This solution helps hotels in distributing their inventory to leading local OTAs and offline channels in China to target the domestic market. Additionally, coupled with features like contract facilitation and Yuan currency support, hotels can identify and contract with international OTAs through channel manager itself, and target foreign visitors coming to China.

Mr. Aqeel Ahmed, chief operating officer, RateGain commented, “With more than 2.3 million rooms and only 15 percent of hotels with brand affiliation, China offers the single largest retail market for hospitality products. RateGain’s success in American and European markets, along with interests from hotels in China like New Century, made it a logical decision to introduce our products in Chinese language to be able to better serve the needs of this growing market. Going forward, in order to offer an advanced and totally integrated solution catering to the needs of its existing customers like New Century Group of Hotels and Marco Polo Hotels, RateGain is in the process of integrating its channel management platform with leading Chinese CRS providers.”

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