VingCard’s VISIONLINE Wireless RF-Online Solution Secures Mexico’s ExtendedSuites Chain

  • ASSA ABLOY Hospitality
  • 11.17.11
VingCard Elsafe, a global leader in hospitality security and part of the ASSA ABLOY Group, announces that its advanced VISIONLINE wireless RF-online locking system and its Signature RFID locks have been selected by ExtendedSuites (Grupo Estancias Extendias) Inc. for implementation across its new ExtendedSuites hotel brand.

As the first extended-stay hotel brand in Mexico, ExtendedSuites launched its debut property in September in Monterrey. The brand—which offers large, apartment-style guestrooms at an affordable rate, including complimentary Internet, local calls and weekly housekeeping—will feature VingCard Elsafe hospitality technology products throughout each of the 124-room hotels across the ExtendedSuites portfolio. “As a new brand, we wanted a security vendor that offered state-of-the-art products that are cost-effective without sacrificing guest safety—VingCard Elsafe fit the bill perfectly,” says Marvin Nahmias, cofounder and chief technology officer for ExtendedSuites.

VingCard’s VISIONLINE system features standalone electronic locks that communicate with a central property server via online radio frequency, eliminating the need to manually encode keycards, cancel master cards or check battery life. A remote audit trail and live card-tracking capabilities provide valuable intelligence in the event of a guest dispute. And optional advanced communication functionality keeps hotel management constantly in the loop regarding security issues via automated text message or email.

ExtendedSuites Monterrey has been open less than two months, and the VISIONLINE system has already proven its value, both in terms of operating costs and guest satisfaction. “On his way out one morning, a guest walked by the front desk and wished the staff a nice day. Simultaneously, the real-time VISIONLINE system issued an alarm to the front desk workers that the guest’s room door was ajar. They alerted him, and needless to say, he was very happy to have been warned,” Nahmias says. “VISIONLINE gives us extraordinary insight into the entire property’s locking system, and the ability to easily monitor guestroom security helps us ensure our guests’ tranquility.”

VISIONLINE likewise reduces operational costs by making staff audits easier. By tracking keycard use on an ongoing basis throughout the day, management can confirm that housekeeping and maintenance staff are making their rounds efficiently and completely. “It makes our costs for auditing so much less because we can do all of that monitoring online,” Nahmias says. “I don’t need to constantly deploy managers to check up on employees because VISIONLINE does it for us. The system gives us so much flexibility.”

Along with VISIONLINE, the ExtendedSuites brand is using Signature RFID locks from VingCard Elsafe, which include NFC cell phone compatibility. Signature RFID offers reliable security features and unprecedented convenience and ease-of-operation for hoteliers and hotel guests alike, including a 600-event audit trail and innovative anti-cloning software. The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) locks allow for simple, contactless guestroom entry. Additionally, the system can be easily adapted to Near Field Communication (NFC)—technology that is expected to be in widespread use globally within a few years and which will enable travelers to use their mobile phones as room keys and could allow guests to go straight to their rooms upon arrival.

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