Advanced Digital Display Options from LG Electronics Gives Systems Integrators New Flexibility, Technology Choices

  • LG Electronics
  • 03.15.07
From new features such as Internet protocol (IP) compatibility and public display settings, to integrated controller and a futuristic 3D display, LG Electronics is catering to the needs of system integrators, with an emphasis on the fast-growing digital signage business, at the NSCA Expo 2007.

“Digital signage applications have become the hottest installations for systems integrators, and LG’s latest line-up of flat panel displays and technology demonstrates our commitment to meeting the industry’s needs,” said Ron Snaidauf, vice president, commercial products, LG Electronics USA, Inc. “Our flat panel displays, ranging from 17 to 71 inches, offer custom installers a wide-variety of options that are flexible, adaptable, dependable, future-ready and able to integrate well.”

Underscoring LG’s industry leadership, the company’s flat panel displays are the centerpieces of the NSCA Digital Signage and Intelligent Building showcases, said Snaidauf, who represents LG Electronics on the industry advisory board of the National Systems Contractors Association.

Exemplifying LG’s commitment to industry-leading technology, the company introduced two powerful new features–public display settings and IP–for the system integration marketplace at the 2007 NSCA Expo.

For the custom installer focused on digital signage applications or boardroom presentations, all LG plasmas offer image-sticking minimization, pixel orbiter and white wash features that reduce phosphor retention, prolonging the life of the plasma.

LG’s latest lineup of commercial LCD HDTVs and large format monitors offer system integrators the flexibility and adaptability to easily integrate applications from digital signage to hospitality and education installations.

Most LCD models incorporate LG’s wide-viewing Super In-Plane-Switching® technology–up to a 178-degree viewing angle–which allows viewers to see the same still or moving images at any vertical or horizontal angle without any loss in picture quality.

In addition to its large format LCD monitors, LG offers a broad assortment of smaller-screen models for system integrators.

Complementing LG’s large-screen LCD and plasma displays at NSCA are software tools and applications developed by Scala and LUX-HDA™.  Scala’s suite of digital signage software products is designed to create, manage and distribute commercial messages via digital display networks ranging in size from one screen to thousands of screens with uses including advertising displays, touch screens, retail TV, LED billboards, lobby signage, digital menu boards and interactive kiosks.

LUX-HDA (high-definition art), focused on developing original, customized, true high-definition fine art in motion for continuous display on flat screen plasma and LCD monitors, provided streaming high-definition content for LG’s M4210C series.

Additionally, LG also partnered with Shuttle Computers on all computers used to drive content, and Peerless, a customized audio/visual mounting organization, to complete the overall visual presentation of the products and content.

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